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    Transgender Art & Culture In 2014

    Trans artists were busy this year! The Museum of Transgender Hirstory & Art (MOTHA) highlights 41 of the artists and projects that made a sizeable splash, a significant sprinkle, or any sort of spritz of success!

    1. The Transgender Tipping Point

    2. Transparent TV show

    3. Jared Leto wins Oscar for supporting role in Dallas Buyers Club

    4. Redefining Realness by Janet Mock

    5. Transgender Studies Quarterly journal launched

    6. Zachary Drucker & Rhys Ernst's Relationship in 2014 Whitney Biennial

    7. Dear Lou Sullivan

    Rhys Ernst

    “This new work by LA-based artist Rhys Ernst invokes the story of Lou Sullivan, trans man and AIDS activist largely responsible for establishing the distinction between gender identity and sexual orientation. Cut with images of Ernst’s own examination of this figure and trans history, the video is structured by the search for and desire to identify transmasculine elders and an intergenerational exploration of gay transmasculine identity. Utilizing interview footage, excerpts of Sullivan’s book 'Information for the Female-to-Male Crossdresser and Transsexual,' VHS gay porn, and Grindr chats, Dear Lou Sullivan is a meditation on the life of the late trans man and AIDS activist that explores the bodily intersection of transmasculine gay and HIV+ identity."

    Part of Visual AIDS’ Alternate Endings “new video program for the 25th anniversary of Day With(out) Art, featuring provocative work about the ongoing HIV/AIDS pandemic, focusing on the issues of today.” —

    8. Flawless Sabrina Archives

    9. "Greer Lankton: LOVE ME” retrospective at Participant INC.

    10. Dirty Looks NYC's year of trans programming

    11. Transient art show in West Hollywood

    12. Moving Trans* History Forward conference & The Transgender Archives: Foundations for the Future book — University of Victoria B.C.

    13. Made In LA 2014 at the Hammer Museum

    14. Happy Birthday, Marsha—a film by Reina July and Sasha Wortzel

    15. Rich Kitchen by Geo Wyeth (Wild Flesh Productions)

    16. Towards the Death of Cinema by Malic Amalya

    17. Queer and Trans Artists of Color: Stories of Some of Our Lives

    18. Niv Acosta’s "i shot denzel" made its world premiere at New York Live Arts

    19. Transfigure —Book, Film, and Photographic Installation by Leon Mostovoy

    20. Cooper Lee Bombardier

    21. TRANS TIME : First International Trans Artist Show In Montréal

    22. Jonah Groeneboer

    23. Jennifer Katherine Shields

    24. Emmett Ramstad

    25. You’re Dead To Me—a short film directed by Wu Tsang wins Imagen Award

    26. Jay Very

    27. Tobaron Waxman Curatorial Projects

    28. The INTERGENERATIONAL LGBT ARTIST RESIDENCY at Artscape Gibraltar Point, Toronto, Canada.

    29. Trans_ An Anthology of Trans People & the Internet

    30. Show Trans by Elliott DeLine

    31. Transgress Press

    32. “We Cannot Live Without Our Lives: A Conversation on Anti-Blackness, Trans Resistance and Prison Abolition"


    34. “Futures of Abolition: Trans and Queer Resistance Against the Prison Industrial Complex”


    A panel discussion took place on November 5th at the ONE National Gay & Lesbian Archives in Los Angeles with Reina Gossett, Janetta Johnson, CeCe McDonald, Miss Major, and Eric A. Stanley participating.

    "Bringing together formerly incarcerated trans women of color, activist, and artists, this panel thinks through histories and futures of prison abolitionist organizing. Trans, queer, and gender non-conforming people, particularly those of color and/or low income, inhabit a long history – lived in the present – of criminalization, pathologization, and murder by the prison industrial complex. This discussion seeks to highlight strategies to grow cultures of resistance where safety is built in struggle and not through state intervention. Collectively we will imagine a world beyond prisons where gender self-determination flourishes in the ashes of empire." —ONE Archives

    35. Gordon Hall

    36. FLEX—a group show curated by Orlando Tirado

    37. "Redshift and Portalmetal: Femme Science Findings" performance by micha cárdenas

    38. Kay Bear Koss

    39. Jiro Ghianni

    40. Alec Butler

    41. Transparency: The Gender Identity Project by Daphne Chan

    42. Tranzister Radio

    43. The TransJenner Tipping Point