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12 Times You Were Jealous Of Taylor Swift's Perfect Squad

Madame Swift created a whole new definition for #squadgoals.

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1. The time she formed a squad on a bike and her BFF Lorde was holding her feet.

This whole squad around one bike....that never happens to me.

2. The time she and her squad stood in an elevator so casually.


3. This time.

Just casually drinking tea, champagne, and whiskey with my squad.

4. The time she was able to hug Beyoncé, Jay Z, and JT and then took a photo of it.


5. The time she and Haim stood on a yacht with their bikinis on like it was nothing special.

My vacations are so lame compared to this TS holiday party.

6. The time Taylor didn't get the all black memo but still looked fabulous with her squad.

How does she get her squad to pose like that?

7. The time she just casually walked around with Haim, Jamie King, and Lorde.

I can hardly get one friend to walk with me.

8. The time she hung out in a car and invited three Victoria Secret models and Haim.

My car rides are so boring.

9. The time she went to a basketball game and was surrounded by famous blondes.

How does she do that?

10. The time she asked her Instagram followers about their weekend while she was chilling on a boat with two models.

Well my weekend was definitely different.

11. The time she took a selfie with Karlie and Gigi.

Just like any other normal day I guess?!

12. And the time she celebrated her birthday and other squad showed up, forming a power squad.

Jay Z and Beyonce never show up at my birthday party.


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