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Whilk & Misky Is The Only Music Duo You Need This Summer

On repeat

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Charlie: Milk and Whisky. Whilk and Misky. Might turn some on, might send some running, you just got to give it a taste, have your first sip and make up your own blessed mind.

Charlie grew up in Kent, England. Nima was born in Iran and but moved to Dubai as a teenager. They both live in London now.

Nima makes the beats while Charlie sings and plays the guitar, together they form Whilk & Misky

Charlie. She, it turned out, was spoken for so, sensing the wild in him all my love went Nima's way. We tore up London and fast became good friends.

They met in 2012 in a London diner were Charlie worked. Nima and his band came in for dinner while Charlie was flirting with the singer and got invited to their gig the next evening. Charlie missed the gig for some reason, also he figured out that the singer was married so he just had a drink with Nima. They became best friends, moved in together and not to forget: started making music.

This is a clip of Nima & Charlie working on their songs

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Cute right?

They are pretty funny together

Wing Clipper was their first song

They made "Wing Clipper" in their Living Room, sent it to several music blogs and got great feedback

Charlie: We'd just moved in together (bloody hell this is sounding more and more like a bromance) and started Whilk and Misky as something we seriously wanted to continue and I got in from work and Nima casually goes, "dude, I started this song". I went from six to midnight so fast man, I had to sing on that!

Besides their awesome tunes: they're not bad looking

Darklands was their second song / Via

Then they made Darklands, again from their living room. Record Labels started contacting them while they hadn't played a gig yet or considered them selves as a band: "We’d just made music we liked together.”

But they continued, and we should be so grateful for that.

CLAP YOUR HANDS (that is literally the title of this song but also, do it)

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It's just about letting yours go to the feelings music nourishes. Give a fuck, move them feet, grab a pal and enjoy yourself while you can. Just Keep Smiling.


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Babe I'm Yours


Man's World


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Love Lost


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Burn With Me

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