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Kendrick Lamar Invites A Fan On Stage And She Killed It

Pack your bags Kendrick

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So Kendrick Lamar performed on Sweetlife festival this weekend. He asked the audience if someone wanted to come on stage and rap "m.A.A.d City" with him.

He saw Ayanna and said that he would keep her in mind, which she understood as come up the stage.

Mo Schuttel / Via Concert Daily

Then Kendrick invited this guy and he blew it

Mo Schuttel / Via Concert Daily

He was escorted off the stage

"Now for some reason, anytime I bring a young lady up here they always outdo the men that come up here"

Then he asked Ayanna to come on stage

Mo Schuttel / Via Concert Daily

And she killed it

Mo Schuttel / Via Concert Daily

She took over the whole song and Kendrick was impressed

Watch the full performance here

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