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    31 Stylish Kitchen Products From Target That Reviewers Also Find Incredibly Useful

    Take it from reviewers who have tried and love these products — you'll definitely want to grab a few of these for your kitchen.

    1. A cute honey pot you can add to your breakfast spread for a touch of sweetness. It is also perfect to have nearby to add to desserts and your favorite cup of tea.

    the white stone pot that says honey on it with a wooden dipper and lid

    2. A boho bento box to make even your work from home lunch more aesthetically pleasing. Let's bring a little extra joy to our lunches.

    The bento box

    3. An oversized wooden tray to display your favorite vase of flowers to brighten up your kitchen. It can also multi-task as a serving tray for your next cheese board or for a snack in bed.

    tray displayed with vase and plates

    4. A beautiful floral faux glass pitcher, because why can't your outdoor dining also look good? The faux glass is perfect because it looks beautiful for entertaining, but won't break outside during your next meal.

    the pitcher

    5. Stylish silicone containers to store your fresh produce or bring your favorite leftovers for lunch. The flexible bags are even great for those easy-to-spill items, like soups and dressings.

    storage bags containing food on shelf

    6. A divided serving tray to hold your favorite chips and dip — perfect for small gatherings or a party of one. Chips and dip just taste better when they're in nice dishes.

    cream colored stoneware tray

    7. A marble utensil holder because of how chic it'll make your countertop look. Your kitchen cooking tools never looked better.

    utensil holder with utensils on counter

    8. A cream set of salt and pepper shakers to add to your tablescape. Now you'll just have to worry about your family asking to pass the salt.

    the cream shakers with an "s" and "p" on them

    9. Half Baked Harvest Cookbook by Tieghan Gerard — a cookbook to get you started on your new cooking hobby. This also doubles as great decor (and to show your friends you cook).

    the cookbook cover

    10. A mixed metal ice cream scoop to add some glam to your ice cream pint.

    silver and gold ice cream scoop

    11. A beautiful cake stand for all the new recipes you've been making, because what's life without a little dessert?

    cake stand on kitchen counter

    12. A rose gold kitchen towel, because cleaning up messes can now be pretty and functional. Whether you have it displayed on the oven or tucked away, this kitchen towel will add a pop of color to your space.

    kitchen towel hanging on hook

    13. A cutlery set so that you can stick to your goal of only putting pretty things on your counters. This set is a great starter set that won't take up too much kitchen counter space.

    cutlery set

    14. A gold minimalist wire basket to display your produce in style and keep away the clutter.

    two-tiered wire basket

    15. A retro toaster that you don't have to tuck away in your cabinets after using. It's also perfect for that morning avocado toast.

    toaster on kitchen counter

    16. A set of four mixing bowls to help create your newest recipe or serve up some popcorn for a night in. The addition of lids makes these bowls perfect for food storage as well.

    the glass bowls on a counter with veggies inside

    17. A mini waffle maker to make the breakfast buffet of your dreams come true. Now it's super easy to ditch the freezer section and make your own.

    waffle maker on kitchen counter

    18. A glass beverage dispenser so you can help yourself to your favorite lemon-infused water or fruity drink. Make hydrating that much easier and more fun.

    beverage dispenser on counter

    19. A collapsible bed tray you can use to have a dreamy breakfast in bed. This tray also doubles as a laptop tray — your work from home productivity just doubled.

    breakfast tray

    20. An antique gold cheese knife set to dress up your next charcuterie board. Maybe grab two sets... you never know how much cheese you might need.

    cheese knives and tray on counter

    21. A whitewashed wood serving bowl that adds timeless charm to any table. It's also easy to clean, making it perfect to serve your favorite recipe in.

    serving bowl on countertop

    22. A marble lazy Susan to make the perfect at home coffee bar. Add your favorite flavored syrups, sugar, and mugs to top it off.

    lazy susan with coffee mug and carafe on counter

    23. A gold utensil holder that is a perfect addition to brighten up your kitchen and hold all your cooking essentials.

    utensil holder

    24. A matte black silverware set that never needs polishing. Bonus: it is dishwasher safe and will match all your dishes.

    silverware and plate on table

    25. A brown 16-piece stoneware dinner set to accent your table and impress your family. Nothing says "I have my life together" like a matching dinnerware set.

    dinnerware set on kitchen table

    26. A woven napkin ring set that'll add the finishing touch to your table and set the tone for a nice meal. These would be great to pull out for family dinners and holidays.

    27. A cookie jar to keep your cookies fresh (in case you somehow don't plan on eating them all in one sitting).

    cookie jar next to mug and plate on counter

    28. A floral print kitchen towel that'll add a bit of whimsy and elegance to your kitchen decor. This would be perfect to set on your counter next to a vase of fresh flowers.

    kitchen towel

    29. A set of gold and wooden coasters with a non-slip base to keep your drinks on the table and off the floor.

    coasters on side table

    30. A beautiful deep green colored stand mixer powerful enough to tackle any recipe. You can make everything with this, from fresh pasta to homemade ice cream.

    stand mixer on kitchen counter

    31. And a stylish cream slow cooker perfectly sized for small meals. When you don't want to bring out the family size slow cooker, use this for dips and meals for one or two.

    slow cooker on kitchen counter

    Some reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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