22 Amazing Things To Get At ModCloth’s Flash Sale

Treat yourself to something nice this spring. And oh yeah - it’s all 40% off through March 21!

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We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

1. Save $47 on this maxi dress.

Get it for $72.00 (down from $119.00).

2. Save $29 on these peep toe heels.

Get them for $45.00 (down from $74.99).

3. Save $19.99 on this long sleeve top.

Get it for $30.00 (down from $49.99).

4. Save $15.99 on these sleep shorts.

Get them for $24.00 (down from $39.99).

5. Save $47 on this A-Line dress.

Get it for $72.00 (down from $119.00).

6. Save $9.99 on this blue necklace.

Get it for $15.00 (down from $24.99)

7. Save $19.99 on this sleeveless top.

Get it for $30.00 (down from $49.99).

8. Save $17.99 on this blouse.

Get it for $27.00 (down from $44.99).

9. Save $25 on this midi dress.

Get it for $39.99 (down from $64.99).

10. Save $15.99 on this green top.

Get it for $24.00 (down from $39.99).

11. Save $5.99 on this cat mug.

Get it for $9.00 (down from $14.99).

12. Save $47 on this one-piece bathing suit.

Get it for $71.99 (down from $118.99).

13. Save $21.99 on these black flats.

Get them for $33.00 (down from $54.99).

14. Save $63 on this flower patterned skirt.

Get it for $96.00 (down from $159.00).

15. Save $39.99 on this flower coat.

Get it for $60.00 (down from $99.99).

16. Save $14 on this earring set.

Get it for $5.99 (down from $19.99).

17. Save $23.99 on this romper.

Get it for $36.00 (down from $59.99).

18. Save $31.99 on this striped dress.

Get it for $48.00 (down from $79.99).

19. Save $11.99 on this tank top.

Get it for $18.00 (down from $29.99).

20. Save $27.99 on this sun dress.

Get it for $42.00 (down from $69.99).

21. Save $31.99 on this robe.

Get it for $48.00 (down from $79.99).

22. Save $35.99 on this shirt dress.

Get it for $54.00 (down from $89.99).

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