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The Internet Has One Question: What Is Dandelion's Secret???

The internet has been a buzz after Facebook user Morgan Noelle Smith began uploading multiple versions of the same image, all referencing one thing: Dandelion's Secret. But what could this secret be?

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Immediately, the Internet began to try and decipher the meaning of this pose. The first official movement towards uncovering the mystery came from Danielle's friend, Drew. Moments after the photo was uploaded to Facebook, Drew changed his cover photo.

Drew Goins / Via

Notice the comments by Danielle. She seems to be trying to mislead everyone by acting as if the finger placement was not intentional.

Danielle's best friend, Morgan Noelle Smith, had a similar idea. However, she was on to Danielle's secret and took it upon herself to help uncover the truth. This is where #DandelionsSecret was born.

This was only the beginning. Morgan knew that revealing the secret would take more than a single Facebook post. At that moment, she decided to post once every month to remind the people of Facebook that there is still a mystery that needs to be uncovered

Her mysterious demeanor only made matters worse. Now more than ever the world is trying to uncover the truth. The campaign has spread to an international level. Even TV shows are joining the movement.


There is only one way to find out. Join the movement to help uncover the mystery. #DandelionsSecret

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