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Which Female Celebrity Was Body-Shamed By The Media For No Reason At All?


Over the years, the media has been unbelievably cruel to female celebrities.

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These women were just living their lives and minding their business, when BAM — horrible headlines appeared, tearing down their bodies.


So we want to know: Was there a time a female celebrity was body-shamed that really stood out to you and made you angry?

Maybe you were furious when Tyra Banks was fat-shamed in the tabloids for wearing a bathing suit in 2007.

Tyra talking on her show with the infamous picture beside her of her in a bathing suit
Warner Bros.

Tyra addressed the whole mess on her talk show and called out the paparazzi for exploiting angles to "make people look their absolute worst."

Perhaps you were outraged by the way the media gave Jessica Simpson the nickname "Jumbo Jessica" in 2009.

Jessica waving her hand and wearing a tank top and jeans
Page Six / Splash

Jessica recently revealed how deeply the fat-shaming affected her.

Or maybe you were enraged by the media's obsession with Kate Winslet's weight after Titanic came out.

Rose in Titanic looking sad
Merie W. Wallace / 20th Century Fox / Courtesy Everett Collection.

Comedian and TV host Joan Rivers famously joked that if only Kate had lost a few pounds, the Titanic wouldn't have sunk.

Tell us how you felt when a female celebrity was body-shamed and what the media said about them. Some of the comments will be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.