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Just 17 Of The Wildest Outfits Celebs Have Worn To The VMAs Over The Years

There's so much more than just the meat dress!

1. Starting off with perhaps the most infamous outfit in VMA history! Lady Gaga's meat dress in 2010:

lady gaga on and off stage wearing the dress made of meat

2. Lil' Kim's purple jumpsuit and seashell pasty in 1999:

closeup of her wearing the outfit

3. Doja Cat's colorful, worm-esque look in 2021:

doja on stage in a dress making her look like a worm

4. Rose McGowan's barely-there dress in 1998:

her on the red carpet in a slink dress

5. Veronica Vega's dollar bills skirt with money boots in 2019:

her on the red carpet with a skirt made of large dollar bills

6. Prince's yellow, assless pants in 1991:

prince on stage dancing in the pants

7. Angela White, aka Blac Chyna, and Amber Rose's matching outfits with derogatory names in 2015:

the two posing in the outfits that has words like bitch, gold digger and stripper

8. Lady Gaga's red lace dress, matching face mask, and massive crown:

lady gaga's face covered speaking into a mic on stage

9. Lil Mama's baby outfit and crystal pacifier in 2007:

closeup of her with the pacifier in her mouth

10. Lenny Kravitz's shredded denim and feathered wings in 2004:

closeup of him on stage in the outfit

11. Katy Perry's big yellow cube in 2011:

Katy Perry accepting her award with a yellow cube on her head

12. Nicki Minaj's toy-inspired look in 2011:

she's wearing a sharp metallic mini dress with boots mentioning different todys and cartoons

13. Pamela Anderson's pink, fluffy hat in 1999:

closeup of her wearing a corset and a large fluffy hat

14. Lil Nas X's feathery loop skirt and matching headpiece in 2022:

him wearing the skirt and the headpiece sitting large behind his head

15. Doja Cat's chicken leg boots in 2021:

her on and off stage wearing boots that look like chicken feet

16. Kacey Musgraves' ginormous purple hat in 2021:

her on the red carpet wearing a large hat that almost looks like a wig

17. And finally, Britney Spears' iconic but terrifying python look in 2001:

britney on stage with a python around her neck

Which VMAs look do you find the wildest or most memorable? LMK in the comments below! Be sure to catch the 2023 VMAs airing Sept. 12 on MTV, and follow along with all of our VMAs coverage here.