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    People Are Calling Out Things That Become People's Whole Personality, And There Are No Lies Detected

    One word: cryptocurrency.

    We all know someone who loves something so much, they turn it into their ENTIRE lives and can't talk about anything else.

    Well, Reddit user u/Kandiblu posed the question, "What’s something that people turn into their whole personality?" The thread quickly went viral and received over 40,000 responses! Here are some of the top-voted answers:

    1. "WEED. We get it; you're very cool, and you think interesting thoughts and do goofy shit. But it'd be great if you could carry on a normal existence at the same time."


    2. "Dance moms/sports parents."


    "Baseball dads made me quit baseball when I was 12. You’d think we were playing Game 7 of the World Series, the way they yelled at me."


    3. "Horses. I don't think I've ever met someone who owns horses whose entire existence didn't solely revolve around the fact that they own horses."


    Person touching a horse

    4. "Some fans are kinda scary. Their whole life becomes dedicated to a celebrity’s. And it’s not just their personality — they make everything around them about that person."

    "Posters, music, merchandise, weird things bought on the internet — supposedly related to the subject of their obsession — and so on."


    5. "Astrology. The only full moon presiding over me is my own bare ass."


    6. "Disney."


    "I went to someone’s house once who was obsessed with Disney. I wasn’t warned about how obsessed they were and literally had to stop in the middle of the room because I was gaping at the sheer volume of Disney stuff they had. Every inch of the walls and surfaces was covered in Disney paraphernalia. The sad/weird thing was that these were extremely wealthy people, so they had things like original Disney stuff from the '30s–'40s and actual valuable objects just crammed next to some tacky plastic plates."


    Minnie and Mickey Mouse arm-in-arm

    7. "Myers-Briggs results."


    "People really latch hard onto anything that helps them understand and categorize themselves."


    8. "CrossFit."


    "It's a cult — cough — way of life."


    9. "Disliking something. Met someone the other day who hates avocados so damn much, every conversation they’d have would come back to how different they were from most people 'cause they hated avocados."


    Avocados on a cutting board

    10. "Their music taste."


    "I was like that as a teen. You don't listen to heavy metal? Why not? I enjoy listening to heavy metal; therefore, I am somehow cooler and better than you. I liken it to going to a buffet and only eating chicken breast. You're not impressing anyone, dipshit, you're just missing out on a ton of other cool flavors and textures."


    11. "Stocks/trading/investments. This isn’t Boiler Room or The Wolf of Wall Street. You don’t need to convince me to get into trading as we talk over a food service counter."


    "Cryptocurrency. My best friend got into crypto, and now it's the only thing he talks about."


    12. "Their vehicle."


    "I've noticed this particularly with Jeep Wrangler owners."


    Jeep car outside

    13. "Their boyfriends/girlfriends."

    "'J.T. has my ❤️. 👩‍❤️‍👨4.18.2014. 💍7.02.2017. 👰‍♀️1.22.2020.'"


    14. "Harry Potter."


    "I love Harry Potter too, but there's a difference between loving the books and films and using it as a framework to examine reality. No, the politician you dislike isn't just like Voldemort. And no, people aren't divisible into four sets of character traits."


    15. "Coffee. People brag about not being able to properly function without coffee like it’s a good thing."


    Person drinking coffee

    16. "Work. Some people just make it their whole life, and I don't get it. Work to live — don't live to work. My workplace's normal business hours are 8:30–5:00, but I'm constantly hearing people talk about how they work so late. It makes me cringe."


    17. "Brands. People think choosing a brand of clothing says a lot about them."


    18. "YOGA. Don’t get me wrong; I think yoga can be great and healthy, and I’ve enjoyed it. But I know so many women in my life who are super obnoxious and pushy about yoga and do yoga poses in the weirdest places, in front of other people."

    "Yoga on a cliff, yoga in front of the crosswalk, yoga under a tree. Doing yoga in front of a tourist attraction so no one else can take photos. Just saw a Broadway show; let me do a sexy yoga pose in front of the theater entrance!"


    Person doing yoga outside

    19. "Being obsessed with Halloween. Like, dial it down — I don't need to see endless posts about how you can't wait for Halloween in JUNE."


    20. "The Office."


    "It is legitimately a really good show, and I would recommend it, but it has really taken on a cult following."


    21. "Wine mom🍷!"


    "'Live, laugh, love!'"


    Two people sitting on a couch and sipping red wine

    22. "Being vegan. I've got nothing against a vegan diet; you do you. But for the love of god, please stop talking about it all the time."


    23. And finally, "The generation they're born in."


    "Ugh, I can't stand the smug 'I'm a '90s kid; you're not' thing. It's nonsensical. This culture didn't suddenly start in 1990 or suddenly stop in 2000. Decades blend into each other, and we only really differentiate them later on. Plenty of things associated with the '90s were still popular in the early 2000s. It's fun to reminisce together, but the whole cliquey gatekeeping thing is pretty cringeworthy IMO."


    What do you think are some things that people turn into their whole personality? Sound off in the comments below!

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.