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People Are Admitting Stuff They Secretly Judge Others For, And I'm Taking Notes

"People who use their speakerphone for music or conversations in public places. I hate it."

Recently, Reddit user u/booja87 posed the question, "What’s something you secretly judge people about?" Here are some of the most interesting answers:

1. "What part of their life they're posting on social media."


"Especially when they post every tiny problem in a relationship on social media."


2. "How snobbish a person is about someone else's situation (information about wage, job, family situation, living situation, etc., and making a comment on it)."


"They should try working on their feet for 10 hours in a hot, greasy kitchen before criticizing someone for 'flipping burgers.'"


3. "How their kids behave and their parenting choices."


"When the parents think a tantrum is funny or cute. I was watching a little girl throw a huge fit at a store the other day, and the mom and grandma were both giggling about how 'sassy' she was."


Crying child sitting in a shopping cart at the supermarket

4. "People who gossip to me about other people. I always wonder what they say about me behind my back."


5. "People who can’t get another person’s name right in an email conversation. It’s literally right there in my signature; there’s no excuse for calling me by the wrong name."


"Drives me crazy. I can sign off with my first name and have it in my signature, and people still reply, 'Hi, [Surname.]' Fuck those guys. It’s not even a surname that could be mistaken for a first name. It just looks a wee bit foreign, so their brain stops working."


6. "People who use their speakerphone for music or conversations in public places. I hate it."


Person smiling and speaking into their cellphone

7. "How they treat servers, waitstaff, or hotel clerks. Nothing irritates me more than grown-ass adults who think service professionals are somehow beneath them or that they're somehow indentured servants."


"And how they treat janitors/custodial staff, and whether people leave more of a mess than they should because 'it’s their job to clean up after [them].'"


8. "The background wallpaper on their phone."


"Especially when it's a picture of themselves. Who puts a photo of themselves as the background photo on their phone? Weird!"


9. "Not putting their shopping cart back. My first job was to collect carts and bag groceries. If I can put my cart away with two small children in tow, so can you!"


Empty shopping cart in the parking lot

10. "What they say about their kids in social media. I get that being a parent is hard, and it’s okay to talk/vent/be real about that online, but sometimes people cross the line and talk about their kids as if they’re not real people, just because they’re not grown and don’t have a Facebook account."

"People should imagine what their kids would think if they were all grown up and reading your internet history. If you think they would be hurt by what you said, don’t post it."


11. "If I go to use the bathroom in their house and it's crusty, dusty, and covered in hair and God knows what else."


12. "Not liking animals. It’s one thing not to want a pet — they’re a lot of time and money. But people who say, 'I don’t like animals' get a hard side-eye from me."


Large golden-haired dog and gray cat lying peacefully together

13. "How open they are to differing opinions. There are certain people who immediately get defensive or shut down the whole discussion when they disagree with something, instead of having an actual conversation about it."


14. "Cheating. Apparently this is an unpopular opinion in the world now, but I have a severe fear of being cheated on. I think it’s horrible. So whenever I hear one of my friends talk/almost brag about cheating on their partner, I automatically lose a lot of respect for them."


15. "If you speed up to block someone with their turn signal on, you will be judged."


Four-lane highway with lots of traffic

16. "Bad table manners. If I’ve ever shared a meal with you and you chewed with your mouth open or made food noises, I promise that during the entire meal, I’ve fantasized about your death."


17. And finally, "I’ve come to realize that I find negative comments about personal appearance vulgar (joking about a person’s weight, face, how old they look, etc.)."

"Anybody who thinks it’s funny to repeatedly joke about how ugly so-and-so is, or how fat, or how bald? UGH. It really makes the commenter seem mean and unsophisticated to me."


Now it's your turn! What do you secretly judge people for? Let me know in the comments below!

Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.