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    People Are Sharing Things They Hated As Kids But Love As Adults, And I Agree With Every Single One

    "My mom's hugs."

    Recently, Reddit user u/AJ-Naka-Zayn-Owens posed the question, "What did you HATE as a child but LOVE as an adult?"


    And there were so many answers that I totally agreed with! Here are some of the most relatable responses:

    1. "Sleeping. The moment I wake up, I already start looking forward to going to bed at night. Always hated it as a child; it was like punishment. But as an adult, I love it."


    2. "Doing nothing. As a kid, you always feel uneasy when there is absolutely nothing to do. As an adult, doing nothing is amazing. Just sit there sipping coffee, daydreaming."


    3. "Vegetables. All of them. Turns out it was my mother's cooking that was bad."


    Assorted vegetables
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    4. "Eating at a restaurant. As a kid, I put on uncomfortable clothes, waited in a car, waited to get food, ate food that was subpar compared to how my mother made it, waited for adults to finish eating, then waited the car ride back. As a child, it was a senseless experience with no end in sight."

    "But as an adult, no grocery store! No cooking! No dishes! I can dress up and just walk to a restaurant, tell jokes and laugh with my friends, and sip on a beer while waiting for food that is way superior to my own cooking. And after we're done, we can just keep hanging out."


    5. "Showering. As a kid, I thought it was boring and couldn’t wait to get it over with. But as an adult, I love it. There’s nothing like a nice, hot shower."


    6. "Cities! As a kid, I found them ugly and overwhelming, with few redeeming qualities. I still find them kind of stressful, but the opportunity to find all the cool stuff cities have to offer is totally worth a little stress from all the noise, cars, and people."


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    7. "Coffee. As a kid, the smell used to make me nauseous. As an adult, it's one of the sweetest smells imaginable."


    8. "When friends or family cancel plans."


    9. "When I was a kid, I was deeply offended at the very concept of carrot cake. I mean, WTF? Who makes a cake out of carrots? It just seemed so horribly wrong. Well, turns out, carrot cake is amazing."

    "It's my favorite kind of cake now. I mean, it certainly helps that it's filled with all kinds of delicious spices and slathered with cream cheese frosting. But still, it's great stuff."


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    10. "When I was little, I avoided pink because it made you 'girly' (like that's a bad thing). Now I realize pink is a fun, cute color, and I'm allowed to like cute things."


    11. "Grocery shopping. Whenever my mom dragged me shopping, I hated it, but now I get excited when I go because it makes me feel important and responsible."


    12. "Socks as a gift. New socks are amazing."


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    13. "Going on walks. I never understood why my parents went on walks after dinner or on a weekend morning. But they're great for some low-impact exercise and to clear your head or just have a conversation with someone."

    "Now I try to go out by myself a couple of times a week, and with my dad every other week."


    14. "Hardware stores. My dad used to drag me to them all the time. I thought I was gonna die on the floor every time I had to go. Now I gotta look at everything, no matter what."


    15. "Sunscreen. I hated it when my mom forced me to put on a ton of sunscreen every time there was a bit of sun. Now I am thankful, and I never forget to put some on before going out of the house."


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    16. "Stinky cheeses. Growing up, I couldn't stand even sharp cheddar. Now? Give me your Camemberts, your blues, your Cambozolas yearning to be spread on crostinis."


    17. And finally, "My mom's hugs."


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    Now I'm curious to know the reverse! What's something you LOVED as a kid but HATE now? LMK in the comments below!

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.