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    A TikToker Said, "Tell Me You're A Millennial Without Telling Me," And The Responses Are Absolutely *Chef's Kiss*

    If you didn't draw the Superman S as a kid, are you even a millennial?

    TikTok user @thecorporatemama offered the internet a fun challenge: "Tell me that you're a millennial without telling me that you're a millennial."


    say millennial enough times and it doesn’t sound like a real word #stitchthis#millennial#millennials#millennialmoms#over30#over25

    ♬ tell me that youre a millennial - Sarah the corporate mama

    And there were so many responses my little millennial heart loved! So here are all my faves:

    1. @justme.rod offered a real blast from the past when he drew the Superman S that was inescapable growing up.

    Man holding up a drawing of the letter S
    @rod /

    Did anyone else have competitions with their friends over who could draw it the fastest?

    2. @yoleendadong picked up some old Christmas bags and exclaimed, "You never know when it's somebody's birthday!" – channelling my own thrifty spirit.

    Person holding up Christmas bags with a box and Coke bottle on the counter
    @yoleendadong /

    I am definitely guilty of giving someone a gift bag with the wrong holiday on the front! If they really love you, they won't care!!

    3. @tamrakelly0 quickly whipped up a cootie catcher, also called a fortune teller or chatterbox depending on where you grew up, that brought back so many recess memories.

    @tamrakelly0 /

    For any youngsters out there, this is what we used to entertain ourselves before cell phones.

    4. Firefighter @amberc0910 used bobby pins to push her hair up into a poof in the middle of her head like WE ALL used to do for school.

    Woman with her hair pinned into a poof in the middle of her head
    @amberc0910 /

    Raise your hand if you've ever been personally victimized by this hairdo.

    5. @chrxstopherhall asked his mom for the time he was born, which, as we all know, is crucial to figuring out your rising sign.

    Man sitting on the couch wrapped in a blanket and talking
    @chrxstopherhall /

    I don't know a single millennial who hasn't done this.

    6. @brandytheleo27 reminded us about our emo stage — eyeliner, straightened bangs, and all.

    @brandytheleo27 /

    And the peace sign that was in every MySpace profile pic!

    7. @andrealizcan opened up her wallet, and it was COMPLETELY EMPTY.

    @andrealizcan /

    I really felt this one.

    8. @brooklynyellowdiamond got EXTREMELY excited over an organized spice shelf – complete with labels! – which, fair.

    @brooklynyellowdiamond /

    You know you're getting old when organization is the highlight of your day.

    9. @deebekksta showed off a sliding phone that was all the rage back in the day.


    My Chocolate phone was once my most prized possession.

    10. TikToker and YouTuber @davidmfergy acted out the EXACT reaction I have when someone tries to call instead of text.

    @davidmfergy /

    It's 2021! TEXTS ONLY, people.

    11. @threateningshellfish shared a cute visual of himself next to his plant, because we all know how important they are to our generation!

    @threateningshellfish /, @ /


    12. @jaszsutton pulled out this ancient fossil from the dinosaur age (also known as a VHS).

    Person holding up a VCR
    @jaszsutton /

    Sis even kept it in the box all these years! That's dedication.

    13. @scotchandchamoy shared all his saved houses on Zillow since, you know, we won't be able to afford homes until we're like, 90.

    @scotchandchamoy /

    *Cries in millennial tears*

    14. blew into her video game cartridge before shoving it into her Nintendo 64, reminding me how lucky the kids are today with their digital downloads.

    Person blowing into their video game cartirdge /

    IDK why, but this worked every freaking time.

    15. @peacelovelex reminded us of the COMPLETE NIGHTMARE that was dial-up internet.

    Person talking
    @peacelovelex /

    Gen Z could NEVER.

    16. @megbgr showed off the tank top under her long-sleeve. Um, excuse me, do some people actually wear their long-sleeves without a layer underneath???

    Woman showing the tank beneath her long-sleeve in the bathroom
    @megbgr /

    I was today years old when I learned this was just a millennial thing?! Further proof that millennials are the most civilized generation.

    17. @abadalilpreusch was driving behind a truck transporting logs and immediately began reversing to get away from that horror movie waiting to happen.

    @abadalilpreusch /

    I think it's safe to say the Final Destination movies were scarred into the psyches of all millennials.

    18. And finally, @painted_rose brought back the cool way of folding notes in class.

    @painted_rose /

    If you don't fold your notes like this, you can't sit with us.

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