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    People Are Sharing What The English Do Better Than Americans, And There Are No Lies Detected

    "Leaving religion out of politics."

    Here in the good old US of A, we're pretty much raised to believe this is the greatest country in the world.


    Well, Reddit user u/Five_FiftyFive recently asked, "What does Britain do better than America?"

    Lord's Cricket Ground

    And there were so many amazing responses! Here are some of the top-voted answers:

    Food And Drinks:

    1. "Tea."


    "Many hotel rooms in America don't even have a kettle. How am I supposed to make the 11 daily cups of tea I need to survive??"


    A cup of tea
    Getty Images/iStockphoto

    2. "Berries. Fresh English strawberries with some heavy cream. When Sam asks Mr. Frodo if he remembers the taste of strawberries, he sure as SHIT isn't asking him about American strawberries."


    3. "Crumpets. They are fuckin' delicious, and I can hardly find them here."


    Crumpets with a pad of melting butter on top
    Monitor6 / Getty Images/iStockphoto

    4. "Pubs. The answer is definitely pubs."


    5. "Fish and chips."


    Fish and chips wrapped in newspaper with lemon wedges
    Shaiith / Getty Images/iStockphoto

    Pop Culture:

    6. "Nature documentaries. We have Sir David Attenborough."


    "He has NO peer!"


    Attenborough smiling and holding a small reptile
    Daniel Berehulak / Getty Images

    7. "Taking the piss."


    "An American told me some years ago that they loved British comedy because the Brits laughed at themselves while the Americans laughed at others. I know it is not strictly true, but in general, it does seem how comedy tends to be."


    8. "TV shows. American TV doesn't trust the viewer's intelligence."


    9. "Pessimism."


    "It's our one defining trait as a nation."


    10. "The British produce the best rock 'n' roll: Beatles, Stones, Zeppelin, Queen, Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Arctic Monkeys, Def Leppard, The Smiths, Oasis, The Who, The Kinks, The Cure, Joy Division, The Clash, Iron Maiden."


    The Beatles
    Bettmann / Bettmann Archive

    Law & Order:

    11. "Minimum 5.6 weeks of paid holiday a year. I was shocked when I watched the US version of The Office recently, and Pam says she gets 10 days. No wonder Americans never seem to leave the country."


    "Quite literally moved from the US to the UK with this being a major reason."


    "That's if you work full time in the US. Work part time, and you never get vacation time or holidays, only sick days you're not expected to take. Many companies will only hire part-time because then they don't have to provide their employees with health benefits either. Anything to cut costs, even to the detriment of the company and staff."


    Two people in lounge chairs on a beach with their arms behind their back
    Getty Images/iStockphoto

    12. "Leaving religion out of politics. Even a religious person here would be concerned if a politician brought their religious beliefs into the policies they talk about."


    13. "Maternity leave for women."


    "Since 2013, it's technically just parental leave rather than maternal and paternal leave. It's amazing. I, a man, am currently taking the full 12 months off work rather than my wife. I also did this with our first child."


    A person kissing a baby on the cheek
    Ariel Skelley / Getty Images

    14. "Democracy. As a British American dual national, I would say this is the most important thing, but it's overlooked. British people take it for granted, and Americans often assume they are the beacon of democracy."

    "But the UK has an independent electoral commission, fairly drawn district/constituency boundaries, multiple political parties (that all respect the results of elections), high turnout rates, no voting lines, and campaign spending limits, meaning everyone can compete. They even have a speaker in parliament that is genuinely independent and gives fair parliamentary time to every side."


    15. "We don't force kids to swear unending loyalty to a cloth/design at the start of every school day, and that's a plus. We also don't expect everyone to sing a national anthem at the start of every sports event (unless it's an international match)."


    Kids doing the pledge of allegiance to the U.S. flag in a classroom
    Hill Street Studios / Getty Images

    16. "Gun control."


    "It's pretty hard to get a gun license in the UK. Takes 6 months or so, various police checks, a medical history check, and a mental well-being check. You need to have a secure safe and ammo box that's also checked by the police, and you need to actively hold a license to a gun club, otherwise your weapons are taken."


    17. And finally, "The NHS. I know the healthcare system isn't perfect here, but I'm damn sure glad I'm not going to be paying for the birth of my daughter for the next goodness knows how many years."


    A person doing skin-to-skin contact with their newborn
    Fatcamera / Getty Images

    What do you think Britain does better than the US? Sound off in the comments below!

    Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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