"I Loved It Very Much, But It Caused A Lot Of Back Problems": Robert Pattinson Slept On An Inflatable Boat For Six Months

    The inflatable boat also served as his couch, bed, and dining table.

    You know Robert Pattinson.

    Closeup of Robert Pattinson

    The guy whose face was plastered on thousands of Team Edward shirts and posters in the 2010s.

    The dude who shares perhaps a little too much in interviews, like when he told the world he masturbated for real on the set of Little Ashes. "My orgasm face is recorded for eternity," he said.

    Closeup of Robert Pattinson

    Well, the actor just shared another random and interesting fact about himself!

    Closeup of Robert Pattinson in a turtleneck and blazer

    In an interview with Architectural Digest, the 37-year-old spoke about the new ear-shaped sofa he created. After starting with sketches, he made models out of clay before enlisting the help of designer Nicole Gordon, designer architect Andrea Cadioli, and upholsterer Claudia Bracamontes.

    Closeup of Robert Pattinson

    When Robert was asked about the worst sofa he's ever had, he told AD, "My least favorite could also be my most favorite. There was a time when the only piece of furniture I had for about six months was an inflatable boat that would double as my couch, bed, and dining table."

    Closeup of Robert Pattinson

    "I loved it very much, but it caused a lot of back problems," he concluded.

    Closeup of Robert Pattinson

    Naturally, I got curious about what an inflatable boat looks like. Maybe he had one of these:

    A father and son on an inflatable boat

    Or something similar to this:

    People on an inflatable boat

    Or my personal favorite, the flamingo boat:

    a flamingo inflatable boat

    In all seriousness, congrats on your success in furniture design, Robert! Excited to see what you create next.