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People Who Switched From Anti-Abortion To Pro-Choice, Tell Us Your Story

Tell us your story.

Earlier this month, the Supreme Court failed to take action against Texas's horrific new abortion law. Texans are no longer able to get abortions after they're 6 weeks along, which is before many even know they're pregnant.

Person dressed as a handmaid from "The Handmaid's Tale" with a sign of the shape of Texas as a clothes hanger

So I want to know: Anyone who was previously pro-life, what made you switch to pro-choice?

Maybe you were raised in a super-religious household, and once you got to college, you realized the importance of a woman's right to choose.

Woman walking up to a painting of "The Birth of Venus" with her holding banners and the words "My body, my choice" on them

Perhaps you were against the idea of abortion until you became pregnant at a young age with little money, and you were suddenly grateful for the ability to decide if/when you want to become a mother.

Woman looking at a pregnancy test with concern

Or maybe you realized that forcing women to have unwanted children punishes them without equally punishing the men who got them pregnant in the first place.

Pregnant woman looking out the window, alone

Whatever the reason, we want to know! Tell us why you switched from pro-life to pro-choice for a chance to be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!

If you'd like to respond anonymously, you can do so here.