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People Are Sharing "Poor People Foods" That Were Ruined By The Wealthy, And They're Not Wrong

"Fried chicken. Now, you got bougie chicken places charging $15 for three tenders, LMAO."

Many folks — myself included! — grew up with "cheap" meals that didn't break the bank. Nowadays, those same foods cost wayyy more.

A family having dinner together

Well, Reddit user u/ilikethecold_65 recently posed the question, "What 'poor people food' was taken over by rich people?" And there were so many interesting answers! Here are some of the top-voted responses:

1. "Fajitas (skirt steak)."

fajitas on tortillas

2. "Chicken wings. They used to be so cheap when I was a kid that we’d use them as crab bait when fishing off docks. Now, they’re stupid expensive for one of the worst parts of the chicken."

Buffalo wings on a plate

3. "Brown bread. White flour used to be far harder to get, so white bread was expensive, and poors ate the brown. Once white was mass-produced, it switched. Poor people ate the white while rich folks got the healthy wholemeal."


4. "Quinoa."

quinoa in a skillet

5. "Pho used to be cheaper until word got out."

a bowl of pho

6. "Avocado toast. My grandfather used to talk fondly about only being able to afford cassava bread and avocado in his youngster days, and now it’s a whole fancy thing."

avocado toast

7. "Tacos, honestly. I used to be able to get three tacos for, like, $5 downtown less than 10 years ago."


8. "Fish and chips. It's a hunk of white fish with a potato for a side. Minimal seasoning, fried in whatever oil you have around, and served on a piece of yesterday's newspaper. Twenty years ago, it cost $5; now, it costs $25."

Fish and chips

9. "Southern food sold anywhere except for the South."

A bowl of grits

10. "Fried chicken. Now, you got bougie chicken places charging $15 for three tenders, LMAO."

fried chicken

11. "Lobster was considered poor man’s food. It was so widely available but not as appealing as fish. It is essentially an overgrown insect that rich people way back in the day considered to be repulsive. It wasn’t until the invention of the railroad as well as clever sales tactics that the tide turned on the view of lobster as an upscale meal."

Lobster with lemon

12. "Beef brisket comes to mind."

beef brisket

13. "In parts of northern Europe, kale is one of the few veggies that withstands frost. So in winter, we'd have it boiled to death, mashed with potato and mustard, some meatballs on top (another cheap food), and a little pond for the gravy. A solid, filling meal for a few euros. Seems out of reach these days with the prices charged for it."


14. "Oxtails for certain."


15. "Crawfish has gotten a little wild the past decade or so."


16. And finally, "Food trucks."

People ordering from a food truck

Any other "poor people foods" that were ruined by rich people? LMK in the comments below!

Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.