28 People Who Were So Entitled That They Were Actually Called Out And Knocked Down A Peg

    "We respect our servers, and we expect our customers to do the same. As for the party that was here, you are not welcome anymore."

    1. This person who used a middle finger emoji when the seller didn't respond quickly enough:

    "The least I would take is $120 shipped"

    2. This person who messaged a nail tech just to say they charge too much:

    "but you charge way too much!"

    3. This person who wanted to go to someone's house and kick them out of their own kitchen:

    "but you can't be there"

    4. This person who thought she should get a discount because she's a "pretty girl":

    "Just help a pretty girl out"

    5. This person who wanted FREE stuff delivered to their house:

    "how about I deliver them through your windows"

    6. This person who complained about a restaurant's poor customer service...

    "A lot of reviews seem to speak very well of the owner"

    ...only for the owner to share the real story:

    "kind regards the owner"

    7. This person who was apparently so rude that the restaurant made a sign asking customers not to be like her:

    The sign says to be like Terry, who is smiling, not an angry customer who complained that the free lite beer wasn't good.

    8. This person who asked for a discount so many times, they were told to "go f**k themselves":

    "Your offer is a joke"

    9. This person who wanted a free salad, didn't get it, then lied about it in a review:

    "So we decided not to send you a FREE SALAD"

    10. This person who wanted someone to walk their dog for free...

    A post that asks someone to walk their dog as a "volunteer assignment"

    ...when they charge $20 to walk other people's dogs:

    a person's dog walking profile

    11. This person who wanted a family member to send them money but never asks how they're doing:

    "I mean what you want me to hit you up to see how your doing ???"

    12. This person who left a one-star review because they couldn't pay for their drink:

    "You seem to have given us a one star review..."

    13. This person who tried to scam a small business into sending clothing for exposure...

    "Lmk what shirts you want"

    ...only for the owner to realize that the promo pics for other businesses had never been posted:

    "I don't do that"

    14. This person who complained they had to pay to get into the swap meet, considering there were no "live entertainment":

    "less than a dollar?"

    15. This person who complained about listening to "someone's life story," when it was actually an employee with cancer explaining why they couldn't carry heavy stuff:

    "I'm sorry you were having a bad day"

    16. This person who didn't win a drawing for free food, then accused the restaurant of not being "dog people":

    "Free piece of lettice for leaving a FAKE review"

    17. This person who wanted a personalized song and hourlong set for free...

    "We want one of your songs written for us"

    ...because there would be "loads of other influencers" at the wedding:

    "I'd rather the money thanks though"

    18. This person who was LIVID when they couldn't get a free soda:

    "but I just accepted that was the deal"

    19. This person who was upset they couldn't get childcare for $4/hour:

    "I did think it was unreasonable though for you to pay me $4 an hour for 9 hours of care"

    20. This person who wanted 20 plates of to-go food at an all-you-can-eat restaurant:

    "The waiter told us to never come back"

    21. This person who took the time to call a restaurant and share their disapproval of its name:

    "I think some would disagree"

    22. This person who wanted a discount because they were "cool" with the seller:

    "i was hoping since were cool you would hook me up"

    23. This person who wanted free/cheap carpooling and childcare for their kid:

    "Is this an option to you?"

    24. This person who was annoyed they weren't given a discount for ordering to-go food:

    "If you want it then pay the money"

    25. This person who wanted to skip the line at a restaurant...

    "we are not the restaurant for you"

    ...because they live a "busy, executive life":

    "actually though, unfollow us"

    26. This person who got an eye exam and two pairs of glasses for free, then left a terrible review:


    27. This person who wanted someone to volunteer to carry musical equipment around all day in exchange for them remembering the volunteer's name:

    "I will make sure to remeber the names ."

    28. And finally, this person who thought artists should work for free:

    "Fuck you Pay me."

    What's the most entitled thing you've ever seen someone do? LMK in the comments below!