Men Are Sharing Their Significant Others' Insecurities That They Actually LOVE, And This Was The Wholesome Read I Needed Today

    "Her hair is going grey, and I think it’s just the best. She hates the idea of getting older. I love growing older with her."

    It's no secret that society has bombarded us with unrealistic expectations — to the point where many women aren't always confident about themselves.

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    Well, Reddit user u/Daffles21 recently posed the question, "Men, what is something that your wife/girlfriend dislikes about herself that you actually find attractive?" And there were so many heartwarming responses! Here are some of the top-voted answers:

    1. "Her thighs. She was a volleyball player and doesn’t like how big her thighs got, then they got bigger when we got pregnant. But I freaking love them. I think they’re so sexy, and they complement everything about her."

    "She really is the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen inside and out, and she will never believe me. I pray every day that she can see herself through my eyes, just once, to truly see just how beautiful she is and how much brighter she makes the world around her."


    2. "My wife talks about how she got kicked out of choir in high school because she can’t sing. And she can’t carry a tune to save her life. But I love hearing her sing her favorite songs when she gets so excited that she can’t hold it back. I could listen to her sing all day."


    3. "Her hair is going grey, and I think it’s just the best. She hates the idea of getting older. I love growing older with her."


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    4. "My wife has slightly crooked front teeth. She hates it and constantly says she wants to get cosmetic dentistry to fix it the moment it becomes financially feasible. I, however, love it. It's one of the things I've always loved the most about her physical appearance because it's so unique to her, and I find it so adorable."

    "That being said, I would also have no issues paying for her to get it fixed in a heartbeat. As much as I love it, I also want her to love herself and be happy with her own physical appearance."


    5. "That she likes to talk a lot. I actually enjoy listening to her talk because her voice is like something crafted from God himself. She always says, 'Are you even listening? I feel like I'm talking too much.' And then when I recite everything she said for the past 20–30 minutes, she kind of blushes 😂."


    6. "Her hair. She has naturally curly hair, and it turns me on. She hates it, but I LOVE it."


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    7. "Her ears stick out. She covers them with her hair, but I think they are adorable."


    8. "Her height. She's 5'10 and is self-conscious. I absolutely love it (I'm the same height). She will wear heels and become 6'2, and it drives me wild. She's an absolute goddess but constantly worries because of society. We have a couple of friends built similarly, and they feel the same, but they shouldn't have to worry about that."


    9. "My wife is currently pregnant and is self-conscious about the weight she’s gained, but I think it’s beautiful."


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    10. "My wife has a white streak in her hair from a birthmark. She hates it. It was the thing that made me stare at her the day we met. Last week was the 29th anniversary of our first date."


    11. "Her nose. She's Asian and likes my high-bridged 'white' nose. But I think her little, round nose is adorable."


    12. "Being clingy. It makes me feel wanted."


    13. "Her sneeze. She's not super self-conscious about it, but she acknowledges it's a bit weird. I think it's cute. She does a normal splutter and about half a second later, this little, feminine 'choo' that's totally not part of the sneezy chaos. It's kinda like 'haaa...spssst...choo.'"


    14. "She’s always complaining about her butt. I think it’s amazing though."


    15. "Her crow's feet. I love the lines on her eyes when she smiles. It's so genuine and beautiful that I fall in love all over again."


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    16. "My girlfriend has terrible eyesight and always has to wear glasses. I find them super sexy."


    17. And finally, "Her stretch marks and extra skin from her weight loss. Some of the larger marks are red, but they look badass to me, like she fought someone or something. And the extra skin just makes her extra soft. The parts with extra skin are some of my favorites."

    "She still wants to eventually remove the loose skin, especially if she gets a breast reduction one day. Totally fine by me, it's her body. I'm gonna marry her one day anyway, hip dips, cellulite, stretch marks, extra skin, and all. She's drop-dead gorgeous, and nothing will change that for me. She's seriously the most beautiful person I've ever looked at, and she wants to date me??? Fine by me.

    Something I will never understand is why some people are against things like extra chub or cellulite or whatever. You're really gonna pass up someone who has incredible traits and features over that? Man, they're missing out."


    What's something that you love about your significant other that they're insecure about? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.