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Joe Jonas Wore A Mask With Nick Jonas's Face On It, And This Is Hands Down The Best Thing I've Seen In 2020

Warning: Extreme hotness ahead.

Hi there! Huge Jonas Brothers fan here! This is coming from the girl who begged her boyfriend to take her to a Jo Bros concert for her 26th birthday.

So we all know Joe, right? Child-star turned zaddy, husband to the ever-beautiful Sophie Turner, and new father to baby Willa.

Joe Jonas wearing a t-shirt and jacket

Well, the 31-year-old just shared the cutest mask in the history of masks on social media. It's 1000% the best one I've seen since quarantine started, hands down.

Joe wearing a turtleneck and jacket

In his Instagram story, Joe wore a mask with NICK JONAS'S FACE on it. Yes, you read that right. His little brother's FACE!!!

Joe wearing a mask with Nick's smile on it

If you look closely, you can definitely recognize the iconic smile that has melted many a middle-school heart (mine included).

Joe wearing the Nick mask, and a picture of Nick sniling

Joe even tagged Nick so his younger brother would notice. Am I the only one gushing over their hilarious relationship???

Joe and Nick holding lightsabers at the Star Wars part of Disney World

I guess the only burning question now is where can I buy one of these masks?! I would pay GOOD MONEY to have Nick's face on mine!!

Thanks for reminding us to always a wear a mask in the hottest way possible! You're the best, Joe!!