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    Henry Golding Is A Total Smokeshow, And Here's The Proof

    This man is a snack and a half.

    Ah, Henry Golding. Best known for Crazy Rich Asians, he is just too handsome. Anytime I see a picture of him? Instant mood booster!

    Henry in a bow tie on the red carpet

    So I thought it would be fun to share the love and compile all my favorite pics of this beautiful man:

    1. When he invented the color red:

    Henry smiling in red shirt and jacket

    2. When he threw up a peace sign:

    Henry outside smiling and giving a peace sign

    3. When he made the cutest face while he was showered with doggy kisses:

    4. When he wore the shit outta this suit:

    Henry smiling in a tight suit, no tie

    5. When he looked perfectly content in the sun:

    6. When he rocked this stubble:

    Henry smiling with a slight mustache and stubble

    7. When he just looked fine AF:

    8. When he made me audibly gasp:

    9. When he gave us a peek at his tattoos:

    10. When I decided he could ~deck my halls~:

    Henry smiling and wearing a velvet jacket and plaid pants in front of a large Christmas tree

    11. When he looked even better than the view behind him:

    Henry in a suit jacket and T-shirt and holding a drink in front of a city scene at night

    12. When he took a cute selfie:

    13. When I wished I were sitting in the chair beside him:

    Henry smiling and sitting in a chair while holding a drink

    14. When he looked so happy to be out exploring in nature:

    15. And finally, when he made gray my favorite color:

    Which Henry Golding pic is your fave? LMK in the comments below!