27 Screenshots Of Entitled People Who Left Negative Reviews For The Most Bizarre And Hilarious Reasons Ever

    "I asked the owner if she would consider giving me a free pass for entrance as a valued customer. She was very rude, and I told her I would not come back. I considered that there may be a language barrier, and I called the next day to clarify. She had indeed understood me and let me know she would not do anything to recognize my loyal patronage."

    1. This person who gave a Hawaiian beach a bad review because it wasn't a good place for happy Christian families:

    "Not a beach for romance or wedding pictures"

    2. This person who wanted to give "minus three" stars for apparently no good reason:

    "I would give them a minus 3"

    3. This person who complained about the portions...but didn't order enough for everyone:

    "Not value for money"

    4. This person who was upset that a restaurant didn't want to store breast milk in the fridge:

    "Very bad that the are too poor in mind."

    5. This person who left a 1-star review when he got a free service:

    "I won't be back to this..."

    6. This person who assumed there must be a language barrier because the owner didn't give them free spa treatments:

    "I won't recommend it to anyone else."

    7. This person who complained when they got everything they wanted:

    "Next time I'll look for someone more reasonable"

    8. This person who spent their vacation sulking because they weren't told happy birthday the right way:

    "With so many choices in Las Vegas try elsewhere!"

    9. This person who left a church a 1-star review because its free Thanksgiving turkey wasn't enough:

    "What a disappointing disaster."

    10. This person who loved the food and staff, but gave a 1-star review because the restaurant had those hand-drying machine things instead of paper towels:

    "My gripe are with the restrooms."

    11. This person who insulted the owner of a martial arts studio for not going to college just because they couldn't get a discount:

    "Like i said on the phone, the price is non-negotiable"

    12. This person who was outraged that a restaurant wouldn't give a refund for the food they didn't finish eating:

    "This is NOT okay..."

    13. This person who threatened to sue the creators of a video game because there were in-app purchases:

    "Give me all the stuff free..."

    14. This person who had the audacity to complain about a restaurant being out of fries when she walked in AFTER THEY CLOSED:

    "Never again"

    15. This person who seemed to believe that the only reason people get hotel rooms is to have a bath:

    "I am a local and only live 2 miles from hotel"

    16. This person who ordered 63 (!!!) sandwiches and got pissed they had to wait a while for them:

    "the lady who took my order seemed really annoyed with me."

    17. This person who called a consignment store "rude and obnoxious" because the employee charges tax, like every other store in the country:

    "but they do not respect their customers at all"

    18. This person who complained about "poor service" because they didn't get free champagne:

    "were not celebrated with an offer of champagne or even a dessert."

    19. This person who thought literally everything on the website should be free:

    "We truly apologize for any confusion with our app."

    20. This person who asked for extra food and then — shocker! — had to pay for extra food:

    "The owner isn't very pleasant either."

    21. This person who wanted to use the vacuums at a car wash without paying for anything:

    "I come here all the time to clean out my car."

    22. This person who got upset that a sandwich shop expected them to pay the same price as everyone else:

    23. This person who gave a chocolate shop a bad review because they didn't get hired:

    "Here's the thing."

    24. This person who gave a store a 1-star review because it doesn't allow random cars to use its parking spots:

    "Wanted a place to park for free."

    25. This person who was upset they couldn't redeem a gift certificate from TWO DECADES AGO:

    "Or simply put, it was just theft."

    26. This person who was angry they couldn't cut the line:

    "I went to get a cup of water."

    27. And finally, this person who expected the restaurant to believe a seagull stole their food and was pissed when they didn't replace it:

    "unfortunately I won't be coming back again."

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