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    Every Person With Hair On Their Head Will LOL At The Fear In Dwayne Johnson's Daughter's Eyes During Their Detangle Sesh

    "I may be bald, but I know a thing or two about hair. Mainly because I wish I had it."

    Anyone with hair on their head knows the eternal struggle of waking up with tangles.

    Luckily, Dwayne Johnson is here to save the day for his little girl!

    In a recent Instagram post, the 48-year-old shared a sweet pic of himself brushing his daughter's hair. In the caption, he wrote, "Despite my two year old looking completely TERRIFIED for her life that daddy is solely responsible for getting all the painful tangles out of her hair..."

    "...scroll left and you’ll see the calming energy, exceptional hair skills and extraordinary patience that daddy aka mr golden hands puts on full display," he continued.

    "I may be bald but I know a thing or two about hair. Mainly because I wish I had it," the actor joked.

    The adorable post was met with lots of support and love. David Beckham, who shares a daughter with his wife, Victoria, simply commented, "Daddy duties," with some heart emojis.

    And Alexis Ohanian, who shares a daughter with tennis star Serena Williams, even offered the helpful suggestions of "lots of conditioner and a good brush."

    I'm so here for this girl-dad energy! More of this in 2021, please!!