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    People Are Pointing Out Double Standards They're Sick Of, And This Really Gets My Blood Boiling

    "How it’s perfectly okay for a potential employer to ask your salary expectations, but a candidate asking what the job pays is somehow a red flag."

    I'm sure I don't have to point out to you that life isn't fair sometimes.

    Well, Reddit user u/WistfulNightSky recently posed the question, "What double standard are you tired of?"

    Unfortunately, there were all too many responses calling out the unfairness of today's society. Here are some of the top-voted answers:

    1. "'Entry-level jobs' that require experience."


    "Which pretty much translates to 'It's a job that requires experience and expertise, but will have a pay of an entry-level job.'"


    2. "Your boss getting angry if you're a couple minutes late but then expecting you to have no problem regularly staying on 2+ hours after your shift is meant to end."


    3. "Customers being able to verbally and sometimes physically assault workers while the worker just has to stand there and take it, or they’ll be fired."


    Two patrons complaining to a waiter

    4. "Star student athletes are nearly untouchable. If they make the school look good, the school will almost never take action against them."


    5. "Basic laws not applying to people with money or power. I thought the US was based on an idea that nobody was above the law."


    6. "Why is dental insurance different from health insurance? Aren't teeth part of my overall health? WTH!"


    "Lack of dental care can easily kill or cause significant damage to your body, and, at the very least, cause social and mental issues. It is ridiculous that teeth are not included."


    A person getting their teeth checked by a dentist

    7. "How it’s perfectly okay for a potential employer to ask your salary expectations even before an interview, but a candidate asking what the job pays is somehow a red flag for HR and a big no-no."

    "Like, if all the employer cares about is what I will cost them (before learning anything else about me), then I should be able to fucking ask too. But no, I’m branded as only caring about money. And you don’t, you corporate prick?"


    "I've literally heard this line when asking about salary: 'If you're in this for the paycheck, this might not be the job for you.' What the fuck? Why the fuck is anyone here?"


    8. "Celebrities lecturing about climate change when they have the carbon footprint of a small town."


    9. "Parenting double standards. The gender of the parent does not make the parent. Dads are not 'babysitting' their children; they are parenting."


    A parent carrying their child on their back

    10. "Popular employees getting away scot-free with things that would get anyone else fired."


    11. "COVID restrictions applying to regular people but not celebrities or politicians."


    12. "I have to be exactly on time for an appointment or risk a fine/no appointment. Yet, a doctor can make you wait for hours, sometimes without even a 'thank you for waiting' or 'sorry about the wait.'"


    A person contemplating

    13. "When companies say they are family-friendly but don’t want to help with childcare or for you to work from home."


    14. "Me, a non-smoker, being told off for being 5 minutes late to work while smokers spend 30 minutes a day on smoke breaks."


    15. And finally, "Consumers are expected to curb their plastic waste and carbon (by corporations and regulatory bodies alike) while companies will destroy a natural habitat to make bottled water in plastic bottles. And they would dump the waste into your grandma's urn if it was affordable."


    Bottle of water on an assembly line

    Which double standard are you sick of? Sound off in the comments below!

    Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.