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    25 Dog Portraits That Are Literally All You Need To See Today

    BRB, adopting all these dogs.

    2020 has been a lot, to say the least. Luckily, Unleashed Fur is out here switching up the vibes by blessing us with some truly adorable pictures of fur babies.

    The Idaho-based pet photography company has volunteered their services to the Idaho Humane Society for more than 10 years. Recently, they started a new project: taking studio pictures of shelter dogs in the hopes that they'll be adopted faster!

    Unleashed Fur told BuzzFeed they "always wanted to do photos of the shelter animals out of their cages, but until the Idaho Humane Society was able to build a new facility, it just wasn't feasible."

    Their favorite part of the project is "getting to meet all the new dogs every week and then watching them get adopted."

    Unleashed Fur added, "I've heard from many people that they have shared my photos because they liked how cute they are. More shares = faster adoptions."

    Here are some of the gorgeous shelter doggos who are sure to melt your heart:

    1. Mossy

    Small dog licking a lollipop

    2. Bonbon

    Long-haired dog smiling with bows in her hair

    3. Ajax

    Dog with a fake mustache

    4. Socks

    Dog in a bowtie raising his paw

    5. Admiral

    Close up of dog's nose with a bowtie

    6. Cola

    Young pup sprawled out

    7. Zoe

    Dog wearing a patterned scarf with its tongue out

    8. Sven

    Closeup of dog with its tongue out

    9. Skylar

    Dog smiling sweetly

    10. Banana

    Dog wearing a patterned bowtie

    11. River

    Dog lying down on wood

    12. Snow White

    Dog wearing a scarf on a bed

    13. Rex

    Dog catching a treat

    14. Katrina

    Dog with its tongue out

    15. Paws

    Small dog wearing a big bowtie

    16. Gandalf

    Dog with its tongue hanging out

    17. Nicholas

    Dog with its tongue hanging out

    18. Nanook

    Dog catching a treat

    19. Lilo

    Close up a dog licking his lips

    20. Tiny

    Dog wearing a bowtie

    21. Jade

    Dog wearing a sparkly bowtie catching a treat

    22. Elijah

    Dog licking his nose

    23. Daisy

    Dog with her tongue out

    24. Donna

    Dog catching a handful of treats

    25. And Charlie

    Big dog with his big tongue hanging out

    A round of applause to Unleashed Fur for using their incredible skills to help pups find their forever homes! You can check out more of their photography here.