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    Chris Hemsworth Shaking His Butt In This Video Made Me Thirstier Than The Sahara Desert

    TBH, Thor could just shake his butt instead of that hammer, and everyone would fall to their knees.

    Welcome to another episode of Chris Hemsworth Is The Cutest Guy On The Planet™!

    Today, we shall be discussing his dance moves!!

    Chris Hemsworth with the Sydney Opera House in the background

    In a recent video posted on Instagram, Chris's wife Elsa shared this absolute gem:

    The video starts with the couple strutting down the walkway to Bee Gees' "Stayin' Alive."

    Then, Chris starts busting out some MOVES!

    AND THEN, he turns around, pulls his jacket tight so we can get a good view, and SHAKES HIS BOOTY!!

    That's right, ladies and gentlemen! THE HEMSWORTH BOOTY!!!!!!

    I've never seen Chris's dance moves before, but after that video, I give the man an A++.

    Whew! IDK about y'all, but I can now die a happy woman!