I'm Giving Ashley Tisdale A Round Of Applause For Opening Up About Her Relationship With Her Body

    "I think that you can love your body, no matter what shape or form, but it’s the acceptance part that trips me up a little."

    In case you haven't heard, Ashley Tisdale is pregnant with her first child!

    The High School Musical alum recently shared a blog post on her lifestyle website, Frenshe, where she opened up about her relationship with her body throughout pregnancy.

    The 35-year-old started off by saying that she hasn't gotten "the whole warm and fuzzy feeling" about her pregnant body "being beautiful."

    "Don’t get me wrong," she continued, "I am so proud of my body, and I’m so grateful to be able to create a home and grow my little one."

    But the actor confessed that her new body is still "startling" sometimes. "It’s like I don’t fully recognize myself and almost like an out-of-body experience. Thoughts like, 'Is that really me?' come to mind."

    After popping early, she would frequently hear invasive things like, "I think you’re farther along than you think" and "Are you having twins?"

    She also said, "I think change can be hard, but I continue each day saying I love you to my body because it’s doing so much, and it’s creating ... a beautiful miracle. I have to let the ego-mind go and appreciate that my body can even do this."

    Ashley continued, "I don’t know what my body will be like after the baby comes, but I do know I’m going to give it time, let it heal, and take really good care of it. I wanted to share this because I’m sure that like a lot of other people, I felt ashamed that I was uncomfortable at first."

    Thank you for being so open, Ashley! Hopefully, it will help people with similar experiences to know that they're not alone.