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    Holy Moly, This Re-Creation Of Kim K.'s White Swimsuit Shoot Is Out Of This World

    "My flaws are my power."

    Diana Sirokai is a plus-size model and fashion designer coming at the body positivity and inclusivity movement from all angles.

    Recently she re-created one of Kim Kardashian's swimsuit images, and it's fair to say 100% slayage was achieved.

    But Sirokai doesn't just practice body positivity and self-love in her own life – she's encouraging her nearly half a million Instagram followers to join her.

    "My flaws are my power," Sirokai wrote in another caption.

    "If we all looked the same this world would be so boring. Our bodies are never the same, we always change," she said. "Realizing that has boost my confidence; I own it at every stage of my body."

    Oh, and by the way, she designed this dress. NBD.

    Keep kicking ass, Diana.

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