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    17 Impressively Clever Ways To Get Kids To Do Their Chores

    Ahhhhhh....checklists for days.

    Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

    1. Turn tidy-ness into a game.

    A game for you. ;) Learn more at Organized Mom.

    2. Make their motivation visible.

    Show them how much hard work is worth.

    3. Issue them a frequent cleaner card!

    Cluck Cluck Sew had the great idea.

    4. Let them earn points towards rewards by completing everything on your checklist.

    5. Make sure rooms are cleaned according to your standards the first time with these handy Family Cards.

    6. DIY your own chore sticks.

    These chore sticks keep things clear and simple. Visit Living Well Mom to find out more.

    7. Never hear the words "I'm bored" again.

    Hip Home Schooling Blog has cracked the code. Sticks contain both chores and activities. It's like Russian roulette for housework!

    8. These printable morning chore cards are great for pre-readers.

    Help your littles learn their routine with these printables from See Vanessa Craft.

    9. This fun and interactive chart is great for toddlers who are just getting started.

    10. Gather items into room-and-job-specific baskets to keep things simple.

    11. Don't expect them to be born with the knowledge of how to properly load a dishwasher.

    Do the task with them and show them the right way. Mojuju for Kids has great tips on getting started with chores for your little ones.

    12. Keep their tasks age-appropriate.

    13. ...Even if you live on a farm!

    Learn more from Weed 'Em And Reap. Also good for urban homesteaders. ;)

    14. Got a minecraft enthusiast? Chores just got easier!

    Get the free printable from Motherhood Unadorned.

    15. Help them craft their own cookie sheet chore charts!

    16. Just plain trick them ;)

    We kid, we kid. Who doesn't want to sweep beans into a square? Learn more at How Does She?

    17. Put on music and do chores as a family.

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    Everything is better when you do it together.