Veteran Moms Wrote Encouraging Letters To New Moms And It Will Choke You Up

    "There will be time later. There will be time."

    Meet Meagan Francis and Sarah Powers, the co-hosts of the parenting podcast, The Mom Hour.

    They recently challenged listeners to write letters to other mothers who might need a little extra reassurance this Mother's Day, and the results were seriously moving.

    1. For the mom who doesn't recognize her life anymore:

    2. For The Mom Who Is Doubting Her Parenting:

    3. For The Mom Whose Child Was Recently Diagnosed:

    4. For The Single Mom,

    5. For The Mom of A Small Army:

    6. For The Mom Whose Child Died:

    7. For The Mom Of A Special Needs Kid:

    8. For The Mom With Chronic Illness:

    9. For The Mom Who Is Weaning:

    10. For The Mom With A Big Age Spread Between Their Kids:

    11. For The Mom Who Isn't Sure If You're Doing "Enough":

    12. To The Mom Struggling With Secondary Infertility:

    13. For The Mom About To Return To Work After Maternity Leave:

    14. For The Brand New Mom:

    15. You Are Amazing

    Click HERE to read the letters at full resolution

    You can also follow the hashtag #TMHMothersDay, and of course, download the podcast from Apple Podcasts or on Android devices