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    Veteran Moms Wrote Encouraging Letters To New Moms And It Will Choke You Up

    "There will be time later. There will be time."

    Meet Meagan Francis and Sarah Powers, the co-hosts of the parenting podcast, The Mom Hour.

    The Mom Hour

    The duo have 8 kids between them, ranging from preschoolers to teenagers, so they know what they are freaking talking about.

    They recently challenged listeners to write letters to other mothers who might need a little extra reassurance this Mother's Day, and the results were seriously moving.

    The Mom Hour / Via

    1. For the mom who doesn't recognize her life anymore:

    The Mom Hour / Via

    Key Advice: “MOM”: That's your name now, and sometimes you cringe to hear it. What? This is what my life is now? Wasn't I supposed to be a test pilot or solving the world's clean water problem by now? But then you look at your children who are slowly growing into wonderful and kind humans, and it's worth it. There will be time later, there will be time. You are still you.

    2. For The Mom Who Is Doubting Her Parenting: / Via The Mom Hour

    Key Advice: Congrats for making the right decision for your child, even though everyone else is doing [something different]! You know your child.

    3. For The Mom Whose Child Was Recently Diagnosed:

    Key Advice: I know that you didn't choose this path or envision this life but hold on tight because there are some brilliant moments of joy and pride headed your way! Life may look a little different than you had anticipated; your family's pace is going to change. All of that is okay because the love doesn't change. It deepens.

    4. For The Single Mom,

    Key Advice: You do it all alone, and everyone around you asks how you do it, but for you it's all you know. You don't have to have a King to be a Queen.

    5. For The Mom of A Small Army:

    Key Advice: You are in the thick of this parenthood thing. I see you...nursing a baby, reading to your middle child, and quizzing your oldest on spelling words. You have constant noise around you. It's hard to hear yourself think. wouldn't have it any other way.

    6. For The Mom Whose Child Died:

    Key Advice: Mother's Day is going to suck. Plan for it. Surround yourself with the caregivers, the sensitive ones, the ones who are able to get it. They exist.

    And if you want to opt out of Mother's Day completely this year, that's okay too. Instead go to a support group or visit the baby's grave. Give yourself space.

    7. For The Mom Of A Special Needs Kid:

    Key Advice: If I've learned nothing else in all my years of living and mothering, at least I've learned that if I'm going through it, no matter unique the experience feels, it's highly likely that someone else is too. You are not alone.

    8. For The Mom With Chronic Illness:

    Key Advice: Your kids are resilient. They will learn compassion from this, and will learn to care for others. They will learn to help out around the house. They will feel what it's like to be cared for by a community of people.

    9. For The Mom Who Is Weaning:

    Key Advice: You are the right mother for this child. You are doing what's right for you and no matter what others say, or what they feel about your decision, hold your head high. You are the best mother for your child and YOU know what's best for you and that child.

    10. For The Mom With A Big Age Spread Between Their Kids:

    Key Advice: You are doing a great job. You may miss a hockey game (or two) to stay home and nurse. You may not be able to volunteer for that field trip because you don’t trust a sitter with an infant. But you are showing your other kids another example of LOVE!

    11. For The Mom Who Isn't Sure If You're Doing "Enough":

    Key Advice: You are.

    12. To The Mom Struggling With Secondary Infertility:

    Key Advice: To the Mom who desperately wants a second child, a sibling for her first, my heart goes out to you. It was so simple to conceive and have the first babe. Second time around is more challenging. Hang in there. Embrace your family with love and gather each other's strength.

    13. For The Mom About To Return To Work After Maternity Leave:

    Key Advice: You will find a routine, you will sleep again, and you will remember all the stuff you've forgotten after these weeks away from your job. It probably won't be easy to leave your baby for the first time, but eating lunches alone is a beautiful gift. No worries if you need to take a nap at your desk--we've all been there. It gets easier, I promise.

    14. For The Brand New Mom:

    Key Advice: New mom, whatever it takes, get out there! Start out simple! Bundle up your little baby and take them outside. Do not isolate yourself because of the new baby; taking advantage of this new change in your life to discover new things and make new friendships. This will really help to keep the loneliness at bay.

    15. You Are Amazing

    Key Advice: The fact that we get up and do it all again shows just how awesome we are. When we have a rough day we may cry ourselves to sleep but we always wake up and try to have a better day.

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