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This Alzheimer's Patient Recognizing Her Favorite Hymns Will Warm Your Heart

Naomi Feil, a Jewish woman, sings Christian hymns to Alzheimer's patient Gladys Wilson and then tiny onion cutting ninjas invade your face.

This is Gladys Wilson. She has advanced Alzheimer's and most days she is unable to speak.

This is Naomi Feil. She works with Gladys and other Alzheimer's patients through Memory Bridge.

Naomi is Jewish, but as a clinician she knows that music often offers comfort and connection to those who can remember little else.

Naomi says she knew that if anything would reach Gladys it would be the Christian hymns she had once loved so deeply.

Naomi was right.

Watch the incredible moment of connection below.

View this video on YouTube

This heartwarming video was first posted in 2009, but the incredible interaction has obviously touched many people, and has been going viral again this holiday.

h/t Katherine Stone.

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