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    This Mom Hilariously Calls Out The Dysfunction Of School Drop-Off Lines


    Jenny Ingram is a mother of three with a message for parents of school-aged children. It's time to stop the drop-off line madness.

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    The Seattle mom is bringing to light a critical problem for basically any rational person who has ever driven a carpool.

    “My oldest is in 10th grade so I’ve been dealing with school drop off for a VERY LONG TIME," Ingram told BuzzFeed Life. "I am tired.”

    The carpool veteran continued: "We have smart phones and minivan doors that close with the push of a button, but are we not evolved enough as a society that folks can't STINKING PULL FORWARD IN THE DROP OFF LINE?"

    Ingram isn't the only one who has been spun into a fast-talking, high pitched rage. Every morning, parents across America have their hides chapped by the folks who park in the pull-through line.

    When I see parents get out of their cars in the kid pickup line it takes all of my willpower to not ram the back of their car #pullforward

    And so begins the 9 months of wondering if today is the day I'll cut a bitch #Back2School #BackToSchool #parenting #SchoolDropOff

    Really parents - you pull up, shove the kids out and drive away. How can you not want to expedite this? #schooldropoff

    The struggle is real.

    #NewRule :If you are a discourteous ass in the #schooldropoff loop,I get to tase you&tow your car. It's only fair. #momlife

    parents should have to pass an aptitude test before using the pick up line at school! #payattention #pullforward #itsnotrocketscience

    Ok it's official, bringing a hammer to campus and smashing headlights of cars who take way more space than they need. #PullForward

    Really real.

    Looks like our school figured out how to deal with the d-bags who park in the drop-off line. Nice to see you greeting the kids today, LAPD.

    One Illinois mom was so fed up with the insanity of her local school parking lot she bought herself a vest and volunteered as tribute to restore order.


    So the next time you're tempted to park in the pull-forward section of the school drop-off line, know that there is most likely someone behind you who is starting to look like this:

    And do the right thing.