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    This Photographer Is Sharing Birth Stories As They Happen On Instagram

    Cate DePrisco delivers stunning photographic updates to friends and family via @InstaBirthStory.

    Cate DePrisco is a Kansas City–based birth photographer with a unique twist: She'll update your loved ones with real-time images via Instagram while you're in labor.

    The project came about accidentally one day while Cate was photographing a 54-hour labor.

    "I don't charge extra for it because I know it's not for everyone," the photographer explained.

    And for those lucky clients, the result is a beautiful, well-rounded story of how their child came into the world.

    From siblings dancing in the waiting room...

    To expectant grandmothers finishing last-minute craft projects.

    There are quiet moments shared...

    And silly ones.

    Moments of intensity...

    Of caution...

    And of power.

    Babies are born, and families are made.

    As a bonus, Cate includes quotes and details from labor and delivery along with her real-time updates.

    Her stories are emotional...


    And real.

    For more incredible real-time birth stories, follow @instabirthstories on Instagram.