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    Posted on Oct 31, 2015

    This Parenting Hack Will Change Halloween Forever

    The Candy Fairy has your back.

    Halloween is awesome. Candy is really awesome. But you know what isn't awesome?

    That's right. Sugar highs.

    Crashing kids, man. They're THE WORST.

    Enter the Candy Fairy, here to do for Halloween what Santa's list did for Christmas.

    Think about use fictional characters to control your kid's behaviors on other major holidays...why not this one?!

    Here's how it works:

    - Your kid goes trick-or-treating and gets their loot. Usually enough sugar to send a shetland pony in to cardiac arrest.

    - You inform your child that the Candy Fairy will be making the rounds this year. "What's the Candy Fairy?" your child will ask, eyes wide with wonder. "Ahhhh, child," you will sigh, as you motion for them to come closer...

    "The Candy Fairy is a magical creature who comes in the night to trade your Halloween candy for toys and other rewards."


    No, it's not evil. You're not taking candy from your kids. You're giving them the opportunity to trade in their candy for an even better treat -- one that doesn't come with a sugar crash and a tantrum at the end. Everybody wins!!!

    (Plus yeah, you get a huge stash of Halloween candy all for yourself. Shhhhh.)

    Now go forth parents! And enjoy your November in sugar-high free peace!


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