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This Mom's Hilarious Back-To-School Rant Is Making Her REALLY Popular With Teachers

Stop complaining about having to buy your kid pencils and paper, she says.

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But you know what else she is? Fed up with all the parents on social media (and probably IRL) complaining about the communal school supplies list many public schools across the United States send out each school year.

If you're out of the back-to-school loop these days, schools in the US do not provide certain supplies for students and ask parents to chip in for items the whole class can use.

Dena wants you to suck it up and buy the damn pencils already.

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“These teachers have been making plans to teach your kids, and you’re all complaining about some pencils? Some pencils! Are you kidding me?" she says in the video. "Do you know how much I would pay them just to get my kids out of my face?"


No, seriously. Teachers spend an average of $500 out of their own pockets for classroom supplies.

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As Time magazine reported in 2016, "For teachers in lower-income districts, the burden can be even higher. Within the past year, Communities in Schools conducted a survey of 700 teachers and found that more than 90% have to buy school supplies to help low-income kids whose parents can’t afford even basic things like pens and notebooks."

The rant has since gone megaviral on the Bored Teachers Facebook page, with over 34,940,163 views in a single day.

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