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This Is What Happens When A Mom Takes Lessons From A Pro Skateboarder

Mom of three Jennifer Latch had never been on a skateboard until pro-skater Aaron Kyro agreed to give her a lesson.

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When Jennifer Latch decided that she wanted to learn how to skateboard she wasn't going to let being a mom of three stop her.

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Latch tracked down pro skateboarder (and YouTuber) Aaron Kyro and convinced him to teach her how to ride.

"I am raising three girls" Latch told BuzzFeed Life. "I want to show them it's ok to push gender boundaries. I want to show them it's ok to put yourself out there and to continue to stay active." / Via Braille Skateboarding

She continued; "It's important to take time for self-exploration and personal growth. Learning to ollie is a start."