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    This Is The Greatest Harry Potter–Themed Newborn Portrait You Will Ever See

    Accio cleverness!

    Katherine and Jesse Oldfield are huge Harry Potter fans.

    The books have always been meaningful to the Oregon couple, who spent their first Halloween together dressed as Harry and Hermione, then repurposed their costumes for their children as each one came along.

    When their first son, Sebastian, was about 8 months old, Katherine set up an epic graveyard shoot with a friend.

    Daynie Paul


    But when their second son, Theodore, was born, they were faced with a problem – coming up with a SECOND genius Harry Potter–themed newborn shoot!

    "Our photographer Kelsey tagged me in a mandrake picture on Facebook and immediately the wheels started turning," Katherine told BuzzFeed of planning the shoot. "I knew it was key that Theodore be crying for the shot. Luckily, babies tend to do that."

    Wait for it....

    Kelsey Clouse, the photographer responsible for capturing the shot gave us a play-by-play of the epic snap, said, "Just as we convinced Sebastian to leave his glasses on, Theo fell asleep..."

    But then, said Clouse, "Dad started to pull Theodore out of the pot, he fussed a little, and poof! We had our magic moment!"

    According to mom, “Sebastian’s reaction to his baby brother was completely authentic, which is a big part of the magic captured in this photo.”

    Ten points to Gryffindor!

    Congratulations Katherine, Jesse, Sebastian, and Theodore!