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This Is The First Nursery At An MLB Stadium And It's Amazing

Go Reds!

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In response to an increasing number of fan inquiries, Cincinnati Reds COO and father of five Phil Castellini knew something had to be done.

Cincinnati Reds

"It just didn't make sense that we would put a couple chairs in the women's bathrooms," the COO told ESPN. So he ended up doing far better than that.

Castellini and the Reds teamed up with Pampers and local home builder Fisher Homes to bring nursing fans their very own home inside of the stadium.

Cincinnati Reds

As for keeping up with what's on the field, Castellini reassured moms in his ESPN interview, "we'll also have flatscreen TVs so that they won't miss the game, and there will be toys to play with if the 3-year-old has to come with them."


Good looking out, Reds. I won't root against you the next time you play the Dodgers.