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This Instagrammer Challenged His Followers To Doctor His Image And The Results Are Incredible

Oscar-nominated cinematographer Matthew Libatique posted a #greenscreenselfie and let his followers go nuts.

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You've probably seen Matthew Libatique's movies. He's the crazy talented director of photography behind Iron Man, Black Swan and tons of others.

Last week he posted the above image to his Instagram account with the caption "Feel free to place me anywhere in the world and send it back #greenscreenselfie #VFX".


He was a guest on Weekend Update.

Brasil gave him a makeover.

He was given the Hitchcock treatment.

@geoffsmithphoto gave him a very important gold watch.

He traveled back in time thanks to @dwdp.

He gave Natalie Portman a run for her money.

@john_rosario put him in front of Kubrick's lens.

@johnpic11 imagined him twice in The Shining.

He took a ride with Robert DeNiro in Taxi Driver thanks to @gomeztovar.

@pws_one let him eavesdrop on the Nighthawks.

He ain't afraid of no ghost.