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This Instagram Account Is Literally Your Mother

Instagrammer @CrazyJewishMom might possibly have a lock on overbearing moms.

Before there were helicopter parents, there was Kate Siegel's mom.

Yes, Kate Siegel's mom is a real person, and yes, these are really her daily text messages to her daughter. Kate shares them with the internet via her Instagram account @CrazyJewishMom.

Kate's mom gives her valuable fashion advice...

Beauty advice...

Relationship advice...

Workout advice...

... And of course, diet advice.

BuzzFeed Life caught up with Kate, ostensibly to hear her story, but mostly to get her advice on how to practice this brand of zen with our own mothers.

According to Kate, her mom has always been a tad overbearing, so it's a learned art.

"Oh, she's been a lunatic since birth," Kate told BuzzFeed Life. "Well, since my birth at least. An example: When I moved to New York... she moved too. Uprooted the whole family (dad, five dogs, and two cats), and shipped them from Los Angeles to the East Coast. You know, 'in case of emergencies.'"

The unmarried albatross around her mom's neck says that she decided to start posting her mother's sage advice on social media because "Instagram is cheaper than therapy."

Like the rest of us, Kate fears turning in to her mom. "It keeps me up at night," she laments, "but I've pretty much resigned myself to the inevitability."

If it does happen, Kate's got a few things to look forward to. Her mom is a master troll.

She wields her social media like a weapon.

And you could never call her unsupportive.

Kate's not the only one her mom texts with advice. Her boyfriend has recently been indoctrinated as well.

But what about the mama bear herself? Does Kate's mom know she's quickly becoming internet famous?

"My mother knows I'm posting, but she's terrible at the internet, so I don't think she fully understands how often and the scope. That said, she LOVES it. She thinks it's all fantastic advice, stands by every word, and is happy that others are benefiting from her wisdom."

So are we, Kate's mom. So are we.

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