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    Posted on Jun 27, 2015

    This Dog Learned To Say "Mama" Before The Baby He Lives With And It's Awesome

    Turns out humans aren't as motivated by food as dogs are.

    It's an age-old struggle. Your dog is your baby until you have a baby and then your baby is your baby and your dog is...your dog.

    But some dogs will do anything to maintain their status in the home. Like show up a baby who isn't talking yet by learning to say "mama" themselves.

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    At least, that's how Patch, a Miniature Australian Shepherd, keeps The Diaz Family of Utah on their toes.

    When Patch's owner starts cooing "say mama" to her little one (with a full plate on her lap) the pup seizes the opportunity to earn some grub.

    Say mama? No problem for this dog. The baby though? Not so much.

    Things get more dire as the food starts to disappear.


    Eventually though, the baby gets tired of being upstaged by his furry companion and the natural order of things returns.

    "I've got opposable thumbs, bitch." -- that baby.

    ❤ ❤ ❤

    BuzzFeed Life has reached out to this dog for comment.

    BuzzFeed Life spoke to Andres Diaz, who was proud to share his dog's incredible backstory. After Andres' wife Ginette suffered a brain injury in a car accident, Patch became her constant companion, comforting her through her recovery and even alerting the family when Ginette had seizures.

    Diaz told BuzzFeed Life that while Ginette has fully recovered, she and Patch still spend all of their time together. With a lot of patience and a lot of treats, Ginette taught Patch to say mama, and now that the Diaz's 15-month-old grandson is learning the word himself, Patch is getting a lot of practice. Click HERE to see more of Patch in action!

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