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This Dad Sends His Kid To School With The Most Kick-Ass Lunch Notes

You wish your dad was this cool.

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Brent Almond wanted to do something special on his son's first day of preschool.

On Jon's very first day of school, I drew Batman on a Post-it Note and a "Go get 'em!" and threw it in his lunch bag. "He loved it, so I thought I'd do it for that whole first week" the dad and graphic designer told BuzzFeed Life.

"I wanted to send a little bit of myself with him — probably more for my sake than for his," Almond said.

The result? Nineteen months of daily doodles, all chronicled on Instagram and sent off to school with Almond's son.

The professional illustrator has had a lifelong passion for superheroes, which he always hoped would be the legacy he'd pass down to his son.

So far, it looks like he's succeeded: "Jon has known the name of pretty much every major and some minor superheroes since he could talk," Almond boasted.

While superheroes are still his main focus, the dad has also brought Disney, Star Wars, and other characters into the mix, challenging himself to draw any and all characters his son connects with.

Almond told BuzzFeed Life he draws inspiration from what Jon is excited about at any given moment.

"When he came to see me sing with the Gay Men's Chorus of Washington for the first time," Almond said, "the show featured songs from animated TV shows and movies, so I did a whole week of notes inspired by songs from the show."

Though Brent Almond reports that his son has gotten pretty used to the spectacular daily notes, every once in a while, Jon makes a request for something special.

"I always oblige those requests, because they're usually pretty funny," he said. "One example was he wanted Godzilla saying 'Have a ROAR day!' It doesn't really make sense, but it was awesome to see him trying to make a pun like his corny daddy!"

As for what becomes of the daily doodles? "I keep the ones he brings home — they're all in a drawer in my office. His teacher reads them aloud, and sometimes he gives them to friends at school."

For more Super Lunch Notes, follow Brent Almond on Instagram. You can also read about his life as a dad on his blog, Designer Daddy.

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