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This Dad Just Built The Most Incredible Tree Fort In His Daughter's Bedroom

No, even more incredible than that.

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Rob Adams is a dad from Bellevue, Washington, who took it to heart when his daughter requested a "fairy tree" in her room.

Rob Adams / Via

"After looking at artificial trees online, I decided to attempt building my own," the creative dad told BuzzFeed. "I’ve always loved Tarzan’s Treehouse from Disneyland, so I figured a miniature version of that would be really cool."

And I guess, NBD, when you're building a fairy wonderland from scratch, what's a little perfectly shaded rainbow ombre wall, amiright?

Rob Adams

Seriously, the walls alone are a bona fide masterpiece. (Inspired by the illustrations in one of Lia's favorite storybooks, Once Upon a Cloud, according to dad.)


And the built-in reading nook? It's one of TWO!

Adams told BuzzFeed that the suggestion for the open reading area at the bottom came from his wife -- "which made it harder to build but ultimately a lot more awesome." Totally worth it.

Here's a before shot of the room so you can see what the family was working with.

Rob Adams / Via

"Notice [my daughter's] not in the picture?" Rob wrote on Imgur. "She wasn't very excited about her room at this point."

So the devoted dad sketched, and sculpted...

Rob used his skills making environment art for Bungie, the company responsible for the Destiny video game, to conceive and create a scale model of his daughter's room with the tree in it.

He even learned to weld!

Rob Adams / Via

Rob, with no welding experience to speak of, sought out a welding instructor on Craigslist. "She's a professional sculptor named Carla Grahn, and she was offering 1-day private classes at her studio in Seattle for a few hundred bucks. I learned a ton from her and it was well worth the cost," he wrote on Imgur.


Rob said his daughter was a huge help in bringing her dream room to fruition.

"Lia helped out in all kinds of ways," her dad boasted to BuzzFeed. "She painted some of the base coat on the tree, picked out foliage with me, painted some of the walls, passed me tools when I was unable to move, and brought me plates of snacks."

"My daughter had seen the room the whole time it was being worked on, so there was no real ‘unveiling' moment," Rob explained. "But there was one particular day near the end that I will never forget..."

Rob Adams

"It was all coming together very fast. I was doing some last details, and she put her arms around me and said, “Thank you so much.” Then she just held on to me for a while. I was overcome by this and stopped what I was doing and held her back. It was a really special moment for us, and we’ll have that forever."

As for the internet attention his creation is getting? "I’m happy about the prospect of other dads trying to pull off ambitious projects for their kids. A lot is possible with time and some ingenuity."

*swoon* Dude, stop.