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This Pretty Much Nails What It's Like To Be A Working Woman Today

Because journaling in your journaling nook isn't for everyone.

Organic Valley has spoken to the souls of working women everywhere with this new commercial:

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The spot starts off with women running the usual absurd gamut of activities that breakfast commercials love so much.

Organic Valley

You know, like yoga in your underwear, journaling in your journaling nook...stuff like that.

But then they hit us with this truth: Most working women don't have time for any of those things.

Organic Valley

That's when shit gets honest.

Organic Valley

They start dropping truth bombs like some people drop deuces.

Organic Valley

It's like they mind-tapped actual working women.

Organic Valley

::get out of my head::

Thanks for keeping it real, Organic Valley.

Organic Valley

Like, really real.