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This Home Invasion Comedy Sketch From A Weinstein Plantiff Is Too Real

"Who's to blame if someone breaks into your pretty house?"

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Long before she became one of the six women to bring a class action lawsuit against Harvey Weinstein this month, Sarah Ann Masse was a part of British/American comedy duo We Are Thomasse.

Masse alleges that Weinstein hugged her in his underwear during a job interview in his home in 2008.

"I've been using my comedy as a way to address issues that I am passionate about for the past few years," Masse told BuzzFeed, "but trying to tackle sexual assault, rape culture, and victim-blaming head on felt more difficult and much more personal."

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Masse is married to her comedy partner Nick Afka Thomas. The two perform live, and put out weekly videos together.

Of her latest video, Masse says: "I wanted to give fellow survivors something that they could feel was empowering, honest, but also funny."

"When Nick and I were tossing around ideas, the metaphor of a house being broken into because it looked nice made a lot of sense," she said. "We knew it would be a great and darkly funny way to lay out all of the horrible excuses and arguments that society makes when a woman is assaulted."

We Are Thomasse

"We hoped that by presenting things this way it would open the eyes of people who may have been struggling to understand rape culture and victim blaming," Masse continued.

Speaking about her partnership with Thomas, Masse said: "After being assaulted, I spent many years holding myself back from pursuing my career as an actor. I was afraid to be alone with men, I was worried that this industry was full of people who would just try to take advantage of me."

We Are Thomasse

"Once I started working with Nick I felt somewhat safe again. I had someone to go to meetings with me and to be a support for me," she said. "I hate that it took having a man around for me to feel safe again but I love that it was my loving, funny, supportive husband who could be that for me."

"One thing that excites me about this moment in time is that, as an industry, we have a unique power," she added. "We are storytellers. And the stories we tell can change hearts, minds, and society as a whole."

Instagram: @wearethomasse

Watch the video above, and see more from We Are Thomasse here.

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