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This Children's Book Explains All The Different Ways Babies Are Made

Sperm + egg + a place to grow.

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Cory Silverberg is a sex educator and author who noticed that books about reproduction for kids didn't cover all families and birth situations.

Silverberg was inspired by a close friend who is not biologically related to his children.

Seven Stories Press

The author told BuzzFeed Life that "when the 6-year-old son of one of my very good friends (a dad who is trans) started asking questions about his mom's pregnancy, the parents simply wanted a book that would help them explain where babies come from that would work for their family. But it didn't exist."

That's when the author teamed up with illustrator Fiona Smyth to create What Makes A Baby. The book quickly spread among other families who didn't have a book that fit their story.


Says Silverberg -- "Single parents, adopted families, LGB families, people using surrogates, the list goes on... The response from families who had never seen themselves in a book about reproduction was overwhelming and powerful."


The initial self-published run of 4000 books sold out, and Seven Stories Press quickly signed Silverberg to a three book deal, including a larger pressing of What Makes A Baby via Random House.