This Children's Book Explains All The Different Ways Babies Are Made

    Sperm + egg + a place to grow.

    Cory Silverberg is a sex educator and author who noticed that books about reproduction for kids didn't cover all families and birth situations.

    Silverberg was inspired by a close friend who is not biologically related to his children.

    That's when the author teamed up with illustrator Fiona Smyth to create What Makes A Baby. The book quickly spread among other families who didn't have a book that fit their story.

    The son of a librarian and a sex educator, Silverberg breaks down the reproductive process on a granular level that applies to all people.

    The initial self-published run of 4000 books sold out, and Seven Stories Press quickly signed Silverberg to a three book deal, including a larger pressing of What Makes A Baby via Random House.

    In addition to the many ways babies are conceived, Silverberg and Smyth also strive to cover the various ways that babies are delivered.

    The New York-based author describes the experience of putting this book together as "a dream come true - I now get to write queer sex education for everyone!"

    You can pick up a copy of What Makes A Baby HERE, and look for Silverberg's second book Sex Is a Funny Word this summer.