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    Posted on Mar 3, 2016

    17 Dumb Ass Frustrating Things About Trying To Have A Baby In Your Thirties

    The struggle is real.

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    1. People will constantly talk about how hard it is to have babies over 30, even if your 30th birthday was yesterday.

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    It's gonna be fine. We're all fine. I'm FINE.


    2. There is no end to the unsolicited advice.

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    People will tell you what to eat, what temperature to keep your genitals, and what position to bone in. Gird your loins.

    3. You have become intimately acquainted with your menstrual cycle.


    Up until now uterus duty has been a one week on/three weeks off kind of situation. No more. You now track your reproductive system's every move.

    4. You've started timing sex to synch up with your ovulation schedule.

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    "I'm sorry, we can't come to your dinner party. My basal thermometer tells me we're busy tonight."

    5. Everyone from your dentist to your dad's golf buddies have asked about the status of your uterus.

    6. Everyone also has advice on what you are ~supposed to~ be eating from day one.

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    Basically nuts and seeds are taking over your life, both in the bedroom AND the kitchen.

    7. Even if you've been pregnant before, there's something about that dirty thirty that gets the anxiety over the idea of infertility pumping.

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    That something is called secondary infertility and there's not a person in the world who won't remind you it exists once they know you're trying.

    8. You suddenly can't go anywhere without seeing babies everywhere.

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    9. TTC? POAS? BFP? You're totally fluent in internet fertility abbreviations.


    10. You spend a lot of money buying all sorts of supplements and ovulation kits.

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    That's a whole lot of money to be literally peeing on.

    11. You probably feel like any difficulty is your own damn fault for waiting so long.


    12. You might find yourself crying a lot.


    It is OK to cry. This shit can be frustrating.

    13. All of your tracking ads online are now pregnancy-related.

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    Dammit. You googled "luteal phase" ONE TIME.

    14. You might seriously lose if one more person tells you to "just relax."

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    According to *everyone on earth* stress is bad for getting pregnant, which stresses you out even more.

    15. You've learned to stay away from Dr. Google. That dude isn't even board certified.


    16. You're gonna need a tribe for this.


    Motherhood is not a road to be traveled alone. While it can be difficult to watch a friend conceive before you, being able to share the craziness with someone who gets it is priceless.

    17. It might take a long time, and that's completely normal.

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    It doesn’t always happen on the first try, even for 25-year-olds. So stay strong and take care of yourself.

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