#SelfieKid's Name Is Ryan McKenna And I'm Pretty Sure He Googled Justin Timberlake Before Posting The Pic

    Selfie kid is all of us. #SuperBowlSelfie

    So, during Justin Timberlake's Super Bowl performance of "Can't Stop the Feeling," the Trolls star approached one lucky kid in the crowd to dance with on TV.

    Except like, Justin Timberlake might as well be Mick Jagger to this kid, probably.

    Twitter was obviously all over the awkwardness.

    Googles "In Sink."

    This kid has no idea how much every girl who’s now in their 30’s would have given their kidney and part of their li… https://t.co/tuwGBLEeTN

    People are memeing out.

    I know that pain. RT @SerenaKMorales: When something really important is happening so you have to turn your phone… https://t.co/jYpsLB9Jkn

    When you Chilling with #JustinTimberlake but your mom texts you that it's Bedtime #selfiekid

    It went from “moment that made me squirm” to mega-meme before the game was over.

    The halftime show doesn’t just feature stars, it creates them. This year’s left shark is #SelfieKid

    Never forget Left Shark.

    Welcome to your new life, #selfiekid You arrived at the #SuperBowl a child, but left an eternal internet meme.… https://t.co/2RmZULkn9T

    Selfie Kid's actual name is Ryan McKenna, a seventh-grader from Massachusetts.

    McKenna told the Twin Cities Pioneer Press, “I just thought to myself, ‘I’ll never get this opportunity again in my whole life.' I just went for it.”

    Congrats, or whatever, Ryan McKenna. —Me, a ’90s girl