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17 Supremely Awesome Finds To Kick Start Your Kid's Summer

Get 'em before it's hot.

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12. Get extra crafty and create life.

Watching the life cycle of a caterpillar as they go through their metamorphosis into butterflies and ultimately setting them free is...I dunno, probably symbolic of parenthood in some way. Experience the miracle for $25.

15. Trust Mo Willems to keep your down days cleverly busy with this activity book.

If your kid loved the best-selling Don't Let The Pigeon Drive The Bus let the author take your family on an adventure (also see: good for keeping your kids quiet on family road trips.) Get it for $16!

16. Protect your investments.

You didn't want to let your kid get the phone in the first place, but you agreed when they went off to sleep away camp and promised to text only you. This waterproof floating phone bag will keep that smartphone from floating away when it gets dropped it in the lake while playing Minecraft. $9.99.