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    Posted on Apr 23, 2017

    17 Supremely Awesome Finds To Kick Start Your Kid's Summer

    Get 'em before it's hot.

    Charlotte Gomez / BuzzFeed

    1. Make their Mermaid Dreams come true.

    Have a mermaid in your life? These colorful, sturdy mono-flippers (ahem, Merfins) will be gone before you know it. Starting at $78.

    2. Serve up some Triceratacos.

    And you didn't think Taco Tuesday could get more fun. $13.

    3. Give them the tools to be an expert (and tidy) shell collector.

    This shell collection bag will keep kiddos busy on the beach for hours without bringing home an additional pound of sand. Order one for $12.

    4. Or give them a shell that will take them on new adventures.

    Great for mermaids, stranded seamen, and you and your partner when the kids are asleep. $48 at Urban Outfitters.

    5. Make their pool float experience as rowdy as they are.

    Get it? A Sea Saw? $59 at Toysplash.

    6. Keep their camp bag from becoming a stinky pit of mildew by sending them off with a waterproof "wet bag" for swimsuits.

    Works for damp towels, spills, and accidents too. They're $12, and come in tons of designs.

    7. Get them out into nature with this book!

    You don't even have to take away anyone's beloved phone to do it. This brilliant book contains 25 photo-inspired activities bound to get their creative juices pumping. Outside. $17 at

    8. Teach your budding chef new skills with this set of safety knives that have real cutting power.

    I mean, those kids from Master Chef must start somewhere, right? Get 'em $50.

    9. Turn your yard into a waterpark!

    These climbing, splashing wonderlands start at about $400.

    10. Go glamping!

    This portable double cot can be used as a bunk (with storage), individual cots, and a couch. Don't hit the woods (or Grandma's house) without it. It's $289, and available in three colors.

    11. Get a map you don't have to worry about folding by its original creases.

    Y'know, since your toddler is going to crumble it anyway, or your teen is going to throw it in their backpack. From Crumpled Maps, $12.

    12. Get extra crafty and create life.

    Watching the life cycle of a caterpillar as they go through their metamorphosis into butterflies and ultimately setting them free is...I dunno, probably symbolic of parenthood in some way. Experience the miracle for $25.

    13. Introduce them to the catch of the future.

    Because throwing with your hands is so obsolete, Fündapop is here to launch catch into the next generation. Also great for the athletically un-inclined. $27.99.

    14. Kites never get old.

    I mean, they actually do age, but the fun (and frustration leading up to it) doesn't. This rainbow stunner is $44.

    15. Trust Mo Willems to keep your down days cleverly busy with this activity book.

    If your kid loved the best-selling Don't Let The Pigeon Drive The Bus let the author take your family on an adventure (also see: good for keeping your kids quiet on family road trips.) Get it for $16!

    16. Protect your investments.

    You didn't want to let your kid get the phone in the first place, but you agreed when they went off to sleep away camp and promised to text only you. This waterproof floating phone bag will keep that smartphone from floating away when it gets dropped it in the lake while playing Minecraft. $9.99.

    17. And if you've got a brooding teen...

    Just go ahead and give them the anonymity they crave when traveling as a group. Complete with phone pocket and earbud holes. $25.

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